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Human Resource Analysis - Incarnational Ministry

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Essay Preview: Human Resource Analysis - Incarnational Ministry

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Human Resource Analysis


This paper is an examination of a Case Study entitled “Incarnational Ministry,” comprised of an introduction, three sections, and closing recommendations. The three-part analysis will examine the structure, human resource, and symbolic/cultural investigations to fit the recommendations for resolution of any cited conflicts revealed through the study’s examination.

Section 1 Summary of the Case

Main and Sub-Issues:

The main issue is the provision of Christian church ministry to a depressed community through the formation of a new church. The process is being resisted/restricted by the board of elders of the decade's old sponsor church. There are sub-issues involved as the visionary leadership of the work needs the resources and guidance of the patron church. Additionally, the benefactor is reluctant to release total control regarding leadership, doctrine, worship style, and community engagement.

Main Characters and Sub-Characters:

There are five main characters and three sub-characters. First, is Cory, the Elmira native and his wife, Linda. Second is Mike, the bi-racial, Chicago transplant and his Wawasee native, wife Whitney. The third is the Elmira parent church’s board of elders, of which Randy, the board’s chairperson and his wife Bethany are being identified a sub-character due to being associated with board, their influence is of significantly important. Also in minor roles are Mark, a member of the council who is the local missions’ pastor and Jorge Gonzalez, an independent person with an agenda. The fourth and fifth characters respectively are the resident population of Wawasee, Wisconsin and the Lord God Jehovah, the provider.

Main viewpoints:

There are two points of view, the “church planters” Cory and Linda, the idealistic, passion-driven Caucasian couple and Mike and Whitney, the African American couple from Wawasee both have first-hand experience with racial bias. Together they share the passion for seeing a change in Wawasee and agreeing on the procedures for a change; the motives do not create a conflict. Though there are different reasons to account for their motivation. The second viewpoint is that of the elder’s board of the Elmira Church who sees themselves as stewards of God’s provision. As stewards, the devotion to custom and the maintenance of traditional worship is their duty as guardians of what God has given.

Central Problem:

The Central problem is the struggle of giving service versus who is in control. There are racism, social indifferences, and a desire for control over people and things, issues that serve to cloud everything the philanthropic seek to assist its completion to become the manifestation of their design.

Section 2 Structural Analysis

The Frame:

There are a set of assumptions that expresses the organization's structure. The assumptions that support the structure. There are three aspects of the structure as presented in the case under examination. First, the framework to be organized for a purpose, a goal to be achieved must exist. Second, the defined model of the form of coordination and control. Third, the assumption or aspect is the organization consists of groups and teams. Fourth, that there will be rational limiters to resist personal agendas and outside pressures that cause divisions and diversions. Fifth, the internal structure is fit and appropriate for its present conditions. This internal structure includes technology, workforce, and the environment. Finally, there are the means to address and correct deficits and differences that arise.


There is the central matter of a vision to be accomplished but, the long-term cultural attitudes of Woodland Hills, challenge a liberal and an innovative, approach to ministry now malign the proposed plans of how to minister the gospel at the new church in depressed and culturally different Wawasee. The two factions meet and agree to engage in a common goal that will network two coordinated drives, one vertical, the other lateral that ultimately



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