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In All Truth (Study About Religion)

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That night was as beautiful as I would have thought it could ever be. The air was thin and wintry already, as if the day was tired and had gone off to sleep too early, and everything smelled very pretty, like sweet peas as we three girls drove along with our windows rolled down.

I was nervous of how this would end and what I could get from it, but I continued on, putting my head out the window. The wind was rushing into my nostrils, and I was hollering because everything looked golden and shiny like a Christmas ornament in the raw and early months of fall. We were going to the movie theatre wearing our pajamas, going to see famous actors in a big time film, dancing in the rain. Reliving a small part of our lost childhood. A childhood not spent together.

We laughed and laughed, us three, like the little girls of EE Cummings in his most famous poem, driving there together, being almost late, rushing into the red velour seats clutching teddy bears and blankies, our fuzzy slippers padding gently against the carpeted floors of the new movie theatre. I sat between two girls I would grow to love, and giggled at the exploits of a doe-eyed boy and his wild haired companion. The end was bittersweet, and I almost cried a little, but didn't trust any of them enough yet. Sometimes I still don't.

After that we all went to play in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. there was a swing set on display and I wanted to swing on it but I had grown so much since I last tried one I hadn't realized how big I had gotten in comparison to child swing sets. We used the red plastic slide instead, whooping playfully.



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