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How Can We Practice Dominican Spirituality?

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How can we practice Dominican spirituality?

We can practice the Dominican spirituality by applying the four pillars of the Dominican order in our lives. The first pillar is the Prayer. Prayer opens us more fully to the indwelling of the Spirit, enabling us to better follow God's designs. Making prayer as a habit and an integral part of our daily lives is a simple way of practicing our Dominican spirituality. The Bible says that we are to "pray without ceasing." This means that in calm or in storms, we should never cease to praise and communicate to Him.

The second pillar is the Study. Study may impact one person, a local community, or the global community. Study is always undertaken with a sense of living the Gospel through service to others. We can practice this through constant reading of the Gospel, increasing our awareness towards the Rule of St. Augustine and Dominican principles, writing down our thoughts and reflections in the life of St. Dominic, seeking the Truth and imitating his good deeds.

Third pillar of the Dominican order is the Preaching. Preaching involves examining and re-visioning the gospel message in particular situations, encouraging a response through proclamation and working in ministry to effect change. Preaching the Gospel to help people believe in God through simple class discussions or just by sharing our knowledge about St. Dominic to others, sending messages of hope to others, being committed to preaching the Word of God, encouraging them to incorporate gospel values into everyday life and being fully devoted in the service for God are small yet meaningful practices to awaken our Dominican spirituality.

Last pillar is the Community. We can practice this by doing random acts of kindness to others like helping the poor, feeding them and also by showing our care and compassion with others and serving others wholeheartedly



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