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  • Un Convention

    Un Convention

    "All of us have equal talents, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our own talents."(Kennedy, John F) John Kennedy's words rings true for people of all ages. So what does "equal opportunity" mean? It means opening up the universe for the child and family so

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  • Un Declaration Of Human Rights

    Un Declaration Of Human Rights

    I am not going to argue that we are born with human rights given to us by a higher power. I do not believe this is true as so many people around the world are stripped of their rights almost daily. I do believe that we need to adhere to

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  • Understanding


    "The History of Sexuality" is not so much about sex, as it is about the relationship between communication, discourse, knowledge in power. In the Foucault debates the ever so common ideology that sexuality has become "repressed" by power in the Western world; he offers insight into the relationship of power-knowledge-pleasure.

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  • Unit4


    Unit 4 Essay Egoism is a theory of ethics that sets as its goal the benefit, pleasure, or greatest good of the oneself alone. It is contrasted with altruism, which is not strictly self-interested, but includes in its goal the interests of others as well. There are at least three

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  • Unjust Laws

    Unjust Laws

    Are we morally obliged to obey even unjust laws? Think about what this means. This means that laws, regardless of how unfair, unjust, or immoral they may be, must be followed with no better reason that they are the law. To the thesis that we are obliged to obey even

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  • Use Of Reason In The Areas Of Knowledge

    Use Of Reason In The Areas Of Knowledge

    From the beginning of man's existence, actions have been determined, whether consciously or unconsciously, by reason. However, in today's world, where propagation and survival of the human species is not a pressing concern, reason has come into a new type of importance as a means by which insight can be

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  • Utilitarianism


    Utilitarianism At the outset of the nineteenth century, an influential group of British thinkers developed a set of basic principles for addressing social problems. Extrapolating from Hume's emphasis on the natural human interest in utility, reformer Jeremy Bentham proposed a straightforward quantification of morality by reference to utilitarian outcomes. His

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  • Utilitarianism


    Utilitarianism In his book, J.S. Mill attempts to build on Jeremy Bentham's original idea of Utilitarianism. His definition of the moral theory is one that is grounded in Bentham's original work but also extends to include remarks to criticisms of Utilitarianism. Mill believes that, like Bentham, utility is what is

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  • Utilitarianism


    Introduction In today's society, people are faced with moral problems everyday. Many philosophers have determined their own way of solving these problems. The philosophy I will be explaining in this paper is utilitarianism. I will state a moral problem someone close to me had to face. I will then explain

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  • Utilitarianism


    The idea of Utilitarianism has such a broad scope that even breaking an argument into minuscule pieces can raise the deepest of thoughts. Utilitarianism is plainly stated as 'a theory of that prescribes the maximization of good consequences for a population' (Wikipedia). In John Stuart Mill's essay, the notion of

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  • Utilitarianism


    Many people in the world have strong feelings of right and wrong. Where do moral rules come from, and how do we know if we are really doing the “right” thing? In many societies, most moral beliefs come from a religious background, or a family tradition passed down throughout the

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  • Utilitarianism And Aristotelian Ethics

    Utilitarianism And Aristotelian Ethics

    Utilitarianism and Aristotelian Ethics John Stuart Mill and Aristotle are two of the most notable philosophers in history to date. Between Mill’s Utilitarianism and Aristotle’s virtue ethics you can see a large portion our cultures ethics today. Their philosophies are apparent in contemporary everyday life. Aristotle has written several pieces

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  • Utilitarism


    Utilitarianism Before entering the depths of Utilitarianism let me first lay the foundation on which ethical philosophy is based. When conducting any type of business in today's society it is generally expected that you follow a strict code of ethics. We have specific "Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice"

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  • Van Inwagen Precis

    Van Inwagen Precis

    In "Freedom of the Will," Peter van Inwagen argues that libertarianism is the best view in the free will debate because it involves the least mystery. He does this by discussing the basics of the free will debate, attempting to show how each view is mysterious, and concluding that libertarianism

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  • Vegetarianism


    Is vegetarianism defensible on consequentialist grounds, on animal rights grounds, or not at all? Before I can begin to discuss whether vegetarianism is defensible on consequentialist grounds, on animal rights grounds, or not at all; I must first explain what vegetarianism is. Vegetarianism is Ð''the practice of not consuming meat,

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  • View Of Marcus Aurelius

    Every day from the time that you wake up till the time you go to sleep your life will be a battle. There will be people why try to bring you down. You will have teachers who will frustrate you mentally. There will be students and people who you call

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  • Violence In The Arts Ð'- Plato Vs. Aristotle

    Violence In The Arts Ð'- Plato Vs. Aristotle

    Violence in The Arts Ð'- Plato vs. Aristotle Nowadays, it is hard to turn on a television program, catch a movie or buy your younger sibling a video game without encountering a warning for extreme violence. Everyday, our lives are exposed to violence on the screen, whether it is in

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  • Violence, Victimhood And Rape With Reference To Susan Brison's Aftermath

    Violence, Victimhood And Rape With Reference To Susan Brison's Aftermath

    Mid-Term Assignment: Violence, Victimhood and Rape with reference to Susan Brison's Aftermath Word Count: 854 words The Oxford Dictionary describes rape as the act of forcing an individual to have sexual intercourse against their will. This essay will explore many different aspects of violence, in particular rape, its effects on

    Words: 877  •  Pages: 4
  • Virginia Held

    Virginia Held Feminist Moral Inquiry: The Role of Experience Virginia Held ?City University of New York ?Ð' When I first read Science and the Theory of Value many years ago, I was surprised and pleased to discover how much closer my own developing views were to Peter Caws' than to most

    Words: 5,639  •  Pages: 23
  • Virtue Of Aquinas And Machiavelli

    Virtue Of Aquinas And Machiavelli

    The Virtue of Thomas Aquinas and Machiavelli An investigation and exposition The author's goal in this essay is to evaluate the definition of virtue according to Aquinas and compare/contrast that with Machiavellian virtue. Following this evaluation the author will attempt to discredit Machiavellian virtue as being shallow and impossible. Relying

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  • Voltaire


    Voltaire said that "If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him" and I concur. Voltaire was trying to say that civilizations need a "higher power" to successfully work. Throughout history, every civilization (with the exception of those developed in the twentieth century) has had a god,

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  • Voluntary Euthanasia

    Voluntary Euthanasia

    Question 1: Explain in depth why voluntary euthanasia is a moral issue The excerpt demands respect for individuals to make their own rationale decisions regarding voluntary euthanasia, as long as these decisions do not result in harm to others. Voluntary euthanasia is the act of killing a person at his

    Words: 1,063  •  Pages: 5
  • War In Iraq

    War In Iraq

    The war in Iraq brings up a lot of questions, about the future decisions of President of the United States of America, Mr. George W. Bush. After the terrorist attack on the United States, which shook the whole world, US went to war with Iraq. I believe that this is

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  • Was There

    Was There

    "Without stress, there would be no life". "The stress response of the body is somewhat like an airplane readying for take-off. Virtually all systems (eg, the heart and blood vessels, the immune system, the lungs, the digestive system, the sensory organs, and brain) are modified to meet the perceived danger."

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  • Weaknesses Of Leviathan

    Weaknesses Of Leviathan

    Thomas Hobbes was born the year of the Spanish Armada, and lived in England through the English Civil War. Therefore, times were not exactly peaceful. In addition to the Civil War, England was economically unstable, plague ridden, and run by gangs rather than police. His perspective on life was shaped

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  • Wealth And Happyness

    Wealth And Happyness

    Catalin Moscaliuc 1 Wealth makes people happy. This is a statement that, for many centuries, people took for granted. And my thought is that the majority of them still believe in it even now. One of the main reasons for that, at least in the modern times, is the image

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  • Web Porn At Work

    Web Porn At Work

    When faced with moral issues in every facet of life, individuals often rely on normative theories for guidance in their decision-making process and its subsequent justification. In the case of Rayburn Unlimited, Al Smetana, the founding president, discovers that Craig Lindley, the associate vice-president and an old-time friend, has been

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  • What Contributes to a Team and an Individual Performance

    What Contributes to a Team and an Individual Performance

    ________________ WHAT CONTRIBUTES TO A TEAM AND AN INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE Ever since the existence of life on earth, one among many realities which can be stated is that life forms have always worked as teams throughout their phase of evolutions. It has been 200,000 years since the evolution of modern

    Words: 2,192  •  Pages: 9
  • What Do These Intelligence Tests Mean For Immigrants And Their Children?

    What Do These Intelligence Tests Mean For Immigrants And Their Children?

    What do these intelligence tests mean for immigrants and their children? Much controversy surround the subject of intelligence. Intelligence tests were developed in late nineteen and early twentieth century to assess the intelligence of individual and groups. However, for some people IQ tests mean an advantage for other mean a

    Words: 554  •  Pages: 3
  • What Free Media Means To America

    What Free Media Means To America

    All Americans live their lives day by day. An American can wake up in the morning, go to work, spend some time with his friends, and then go home. Most don't spend time thinking how our lives would be different without the First Amendment. Freedom of speech actually means a

    Words: 482  •  Pages: 2

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