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  • Soldier's Garden

    Soldier's Garden

    Ever since I was young, I remember my father kicking soccer ball with me out in the backyard, throwing me into the pool, and finding me after I hid in the closet from hide and seek. However, in Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes, Frank's father, Malachy McCourt, is not the usual

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  • Sonds Of Silence, An Educators View

    Sonds Of Silence, An Educators View

    As a retiring teacher, and one who just saw Simon and Garfunkle in concert, the song The Sounds of Silence caught my ear once again. I remember sitting in the cafeteria in 1966 listening to this song on the juke box over and over, and wonder what it was they

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  • Soups for Our Minds

    Soups for Our Minds

    Art takes on many shapes, existing to provide joy for its creator and everyone else. Such originators can appear in many different forms. The first ones that come to mind can be the painters who use their masterful hands to craft something visual, like a painting, or the dancers, who

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  • Space Time Matter

    Space Time Matter

    The use of a common knowledge is based on the supposition that such relations can be established by all of us. The rationalist: (descarste and kant)all knowledge obtained through our senses are inaccurate, discredit the scientific knowledge, innate ideas derived from pure contemplation and reason. A priori form in our

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  • Spinoza And Free Will

    Spinoza And Free Will

    There are many great philosophical ideas and questions that are known and of course unknown. One of the questions that really enticed my interest was the question of whether or not we have free will. I myself was once a believer of people having free will and doing what I

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  • Ss 201 - the Influence of Russian Communism on Mao Zedong Ideology

    Ss 201 - the Influence of Russian Communism on Mao Zedong Ideology

    Gabi Forman SS201 Professor McGrath 12/4/2015 The Influence of Russian Communism on Mao Zedong Ideology Although Mao Zedong aimed to expel all foreign influence from China, the irony was that it played an enormous influence on Mao’s philosophy. The same Marxist philosophy that served as a vehicle for the Vladimir

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  • St Augustine

    St Augustine

    The relation of Being and the Good in Aristotle This paper is devoted to an analysis of thinking the entwining relation between being and the good in Aristotle. For Aristotle being is said in many ways. In Metaphysics he searches for the answer to ambiguity of being by pointing that

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  • St. Augustine And Evil

    St. Augustine And Evil

    St. Augustine and Evil As a Christian Theologian and Philosopher in the first century following the famous council of Nicea, Saint Augustine was faced with many problems in faith and God, but these things would shape a theology most influential to Christianity today. While the Council of Nicea focused primarily

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  • St. Augustine Of Hippo

    The doctrine of the Divine Unity is a truth of natural religion; the doctrine of the Trinity is a truth of revealed religion. The various systems of natural theism present arguments for the Divine existence, unity, and attributes, but proceed no further. They do not assert and endeavor to demonstrate

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  • Stage Art Workshop

    Stage Art Workshop

    THE STAGE ART 1. The Aim of the Project The project offers a course of study in stage craft that encompasses acting and scenography, respectively. The aim is to train theatre artists who can combine skills, knowledge and methods from conceptual visual art with skills, techniques and methods from classical

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  • State Of War

    State Of War

    Our Current State Of War A "State of War" is a period when two nations, parties, or even individuals are in open and armed conflict with each other. But how does this come about, and how would John Locke and President George W. Bush feel about how it is that

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  • State Schooling And Learning Concepts

    State Schooling And Learning Concepts

    While young people were grouped together and instructed/trained/initiated into adult life in the very earliest human civilizations, the story of state schooling best begins with Plato (427-347 BC), who really laid much of the philosophical and pedagogical framework for schools as we know them in the West. Plato believed that

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  • Steve Jobs Commencement

    Steve Jobs Commencement

    'You've got to find what you love,' Jobs says This is the text of the Commencement address by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, delivered on June 12, 2005. I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of the finest

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  • Stoicism


    Stoicism vs. Platonism There can be no doubt that ancient Greek philosophers contributed immensely to Western culture and are responsible for some of the most influential idea and systems of morality on the planet. From the first discussions of the material of the universe to the deliberations on the ideal

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  • Strawson- Free Will, Morality, Intro Philosophy

    Strawson- Free Will, Morality, Intro Philosophy

    In this essay, I will explain and explore Galen Strawson’s skeptical view of free will in regard to his beliefs on ultimate moral responsibility. I will define the concept of ultimate moral responsibility and explain how Strawson believes that no one is ultimately responsible for their actions. I will evaluate

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  • Student


    With the "clinical years" underway, I was interested to see how long it would be before I was culturally tested. Much to my surprise, this time was much shorter than I had anticipated. Looking back to the beginning of my Family Medicine clerkship here in Latrobe, I can see how

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  • Student A

    Student A

    A Tale of Two Cities Written by: Yogi36 Throughout the book, A Tale of Two Cities the theme of sacrifice is used to help the reader realize the cost of life, as well as to develop the plot through the effects of those sacrifices. Through the characters of Sydney Carton,

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  • Student Violence

    Student Violence

    Student Violence, Reclaiming the Classroom Moses Lake, Washington, Columbine, Colorado, Virginia Tech, Virginia, these schools represent the worst of our education system, everything that is wrong within society and that which is putting our children in harms way every time they leave for school. Looking back on the last 20

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  • Study Of Colossians 3

    Study Of Colossians 3

    Okay, first and foremost this chapter is basically one that simply describes the attitude and behavior of a Christian. It begins verse 1, "If then you were raised with Christ." This applies if you are baptized and robed in the body of Christ. (Acts 2:38, Romans 6:2-7, Galatians 3:27) "Seek

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  • Sumatra


    Sumatra review. On march 25th, 33 students and four teachers from Catmose college left for a once in a lifetime opportunity to help and to look after Sumatran elephants and orangutan’s. After a long 15hour flight from London to Singapore and from Singapore to Sumatra we split up into two

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  • Summary Filosofie

    Summary Filosofie

    Aantekeningen Inleiding Op economisch, politiek en maatschappelijk niveau overheerst heden ten dage het liberalisme en zal deze invloed niet meer verliezen, aldus Fukuyama. Op economisch niveau kan worden gesteld dat de vrije markt wereldwijd verbreid is, hetgeen met de term 'globalisering' wordt aangeduid. De vrije markt is hét ordeningsprincipe van

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  • Summary Of Linton

    Summary Of Linton

    Summary of Linton The article starts out by explaining that disciplinary writing cannot be taught effectively, but rather has to be learned by the undergraduate. Carol Berkenkotter and Thomas N. Huckin both agree that disciplinary writing is "picked up" as opposed to being taught. As undergraduates, most of the time

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  • Summer Solstice

    Summer Solstice

    THE SUMMER SOLSTICE The Moretas were spending St.John's day with the children's grandfather, those feast-day it was. Dona Lupeng awoke feeling faint with the heat, a sound of screaming in her ears. In the dinning room the three boys, already attired in their holiday suits, were at breakfast, and came

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  • Summery on 10 Books of Architecture Book 9

    Summery on 10 Books of Architecture Book 9


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  • Supreme Court In A Democracy

    Supreme Court In A Democracy

    Overview The purpose of the following document is to support the creation of a Constitutional Tribunal in Poland. The judicial review of the American Supreme Court will be discussed as a model. This will show how judicial review can, and does work in one of the world's most stable constitutional

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  • Symposium


    An Army of Committed Love The Symposium, a post war celebration where each member in attendance gave a speech in praise of love, had a wide variety of not only praises of love, but the actual idea and formation of love and human kind. The idea of love that I

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  • System Of Inquiry Info

    System Of Inquiry Info

    Two Broad Areas of Business Ethics 1. Managerial mischief. Madsen and Shafritz, in their book "Essentials of Business Ethics" (Penguin Books, 1990) further explain that "managerial mischief" includes "illegal, unethical, or questionable practices of individual managers or organizations, as well as the causes of such behaviors and remedies to eradicate

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  • Taoism


    Taoism Taoism (sometimes written as Daoism) is the English name for: (a) a philosophical school based on the texts the Tao Te Ching (ascribed to Laozi and alternately spelled DÐ'ЁÐ'¤o DÐ'ЁÐ'¦ JÐ'ЁÐ'©ng) and the Zhuangzi. (b) a family of organized Chinese religious movements such as the Zhengyi ("Orthodoxy") or Quanzhen

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  • Taoism


    Taoism The Eastern Philosophy of Taoism is probably one of the earliest forms of philosophy known to man. Lao-tzu book the Tao Te Ching is the guidelines for any true follow of Taoism to live by. Taoism is a philosophy practice by one to get in accordance with nature, and

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  • Teaching Philosophy

    Teaching Philosophy

    My teaching philosophy is most closely steeped in progressivism. According to the progressivism philosophy it is crucial that a teacher make all the lessons meaningful to the students. It is also vital that the teacher meets the needs of their students. Progressivism also states that students will learn more effectively

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