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The Roots Of Education Are Bitter, But The Fruits Are Sweet

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Essay Preview: The Roots Of Education Are Bitter, But The Fruits Are Sweet

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A time approaches in every person's life when they must come to learn new things. Speaking on behalf of all those who have attended school at some point in their life, I must say that most do not like it for its educational significance. Today's youth undervalue the worth of America's public school system to the point of shame. Hard-working, underpaid teachers and professors prepare to educate these ingrates as their living, and it's exasperating for the students to not even care. I must be fair though and call attention to the fact that not everyone shares this loathe for education and schooling.

At the beginning of one's journey of gaining more knowledge, most children don't mind school, for it is a change of environment for them. The majority of elementary school adolescents even enjoy school to some degree. As time wears on, we usually, and sadly, begin to see a change of heart. Children become fatigued from school and therefore don't take pleasure in going anymore. Maybe their teachers didn't teach them in the way that they learn most efficiently, or maybe students just become bored with the whole "school scene" itself. Whatever the case, it is apparent that by the time they reach high school, their interest for learning alone has died out.

Having explained the reason most children have become disheartened at the thought of school, I now turn my attention to the students who do realize school's educational value. These are the students that will continue to prosper throughout their lives because they realize the extreme importance of education. There is a secret, yet not so secret, motivation behind their determination to exceed standards and expectations in school. The secret they withhold is their overwhelming desire to be successful in the future.

The "roots" of education, meaning actually going to school, studying, making great grades, and giving it your best, are



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