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Socialism’s Obvious Immorality to the Individual and Sanders Appeal Explained

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Essay Preview: Socialism’s Obvious Immorality to the Individual and Sanders Appeal Explained

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“Socialism’s obvious immorality to the individual and Sanders appeal explained”

Bernie Sanders and his supporters have ignited a “political revolution”, declaring the middle class is too poor and the upper class is too rich. Sanders is promising a vast array of “free stuff” paid for by Wall Street if elected to the presidency. It all ranges from universal healthcare, to free higher education for the public. To pay for his free upper education program, he wants to institute a speculation tax on day trades. His top policy analyst states it will provide $300 billion in revenue. However, the Tax Policy Center says conservatively it will only provide $50 billion in revenue. Now without these facts laid in front of them, my generation is buying right into this sham. When questioned about the successes of the 0.1% Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) Sanders has proposed, one may respond it will cause financial institutions to be less reckless. Countries with socialist tendencies like Sweden and France have both toyed with the idea of FTT’s, and both countries decided against it stating it would drive financial establishments overseas. I can’t blame my generation for buying into all of this though, a measly 2.4% increase in economic growth in 2015 and a rapidly expanding competitive marketplace can scare anybody. Financial success and security is something that everybody yearns for, and right now the current establishment does not provide a clear future. So Sanders unexplained promises to the struggling middle class of zero to little college debt and guaranteed healthcare explains why he has garnered the popularity he currently holds.

Failing to provide an in depth explanation of how he intends to pay for his proposed universal healthcare, one can only deduce from the tidbits he has provided that it would cost more than all of his other programs combined, according to the Tax Policy Center.

Sanders most outstanding quality is his self proclamation of being a democratic-socialist. In the history of the United States no socialist candidate has ever been this popular or successful. Do any of Bernie’s supporters truly understand what Socialism means? In numerous clips reporters have asked Bernie supporters at rallies to define socialism. Many experience diarrhea of the mouth saying whatever they can to not look like clowns. Socialism is defined as, “A political and economic theory of social organization that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole”. Sounds great doesn’t it? The truth is, Socialism is immoral to the personal freedoms of the individual. Sir Winston Churchill said, “The inherent vice of Capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries”. Meaning everyone’s else’s problems are now yours as well. Weighing down the full potential of entrepreneurial individuals. An article written by Ben Moreel for the Foundation for Economic Education debunks Socialism perfectly, “First, there is the group on the receiving end—the people who get back more in subsidies than they pay out in taxes. They get something for nothing. Secondly, there are those who pay more in taxes than they get in subsidies. They get nothing for something. Third, there are people who comprise the political agency, who produce no wealth but who have the power to forcibly transfer wealth from one set of pockets to another.” So Socialist countries with government heavily involved in the economy do not have an effective incentive structure for the citizen when competition is absent. Adam Smith the father of capitalism believed that self interest and competition were essential in a market economy and that both forces guide it. Finally, in countries with socialist governments ask yourself how is their standard of living compared to ours? Venezuela, for example, is faced with food shortages and runaway inflation at the moment. All of these face precisely show why the youth of America need to wake up and see Sanders as the witch doctor he is.



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