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Small Bag to Carry Personal Items

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The following is a list of the kit you will require for 12 and 13 January 2019.

  • Small bag to carry personal items
  • A R5 (Five Rand) coin
  • Hat
  • Sun Screen
  • Sun Glasses
  • Towel
  • Outdoor Clothing to be worn (eg:shorts, short sleeves etc – the days do get hot!)
  • Outdoor Shoes – Trainers recommended (no open toed shoes/slops or heels)
  • Warm Top
  • Swim Wear (optional)
  • Change of Clothes (including old shirt)
  • Note Book and Pen for journaling and strategising (where allowed)
  • Video Camera/Camera/Cell Phone
  • Anti-histamines if you suffer from pollen allergies etc.
  • Snacks (there are no shops nearby to purchase things like energy bars etc).
  • Packed lunch (the days may be very hot, so perhaps pack your lunch in a small cooler bag with an ice brick to keep it cold).
  • An item (no bigger than an A5 diary) that you believe somehow expresses who you are – this item will be carried around with you the entire weekend, so please ensure it is not too heavy /cumbersome.
  • NB: should you have a chronic medical condition that requires/may require medication, please ensure you have it with you.

You will be allowed to take your bag around the venue with you if you so wish, however, there will be a central area which will be guarded all day so bags and valuables will be safe there.

We recommend you wear no jewelry for the two days.



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