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  • RousseauÐ'Ò'S Savage

    RousseauÐ'Ò'S Savage

    ROUSSEAUÐ'Ò'S SAVAGE A savage man as Rousseau describes himÐ'--an illusion or real history? To convince us in the decline of morality connected with the introduction of civil society, Rousseau gives a colourful description of man as he was made by natureÐ'--a savage man. With his help Rousseau tries to show

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  • Russell On Induction

    Russell On Induction

    Induction, as Russell describes on page 66, is "when a thing of a certain sort A has been found to be associated with a thing of another certain sort B, and has never been found disassociated from a thing of sort B, the greater the number of cases in which

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  • Safer To Be Feared Than Loved In The Prince

    Safer To Be Feared Than Loved In The Prince

    Rulers throughout history would have different reactions to Machevelli’s statement, “It is much safer to be feared than loved”. Rulers that wanted total power would have a tendency to agree with the claim but other rulers exerted power without being feared. Charlemange would disagree with Machevelli because he reaped great

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  • Safety


    Today more and more people are traveling due to the need to get from place to place. The problem with this is that there are many preventable accidents that occur every day in various forms of transportation. Most people lack the knowledge that would allow them to stop these accidents

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  • Sarte


    JEan-Paul Sartre was an existentialist philosopher. The questions of his philosophy often come out in his readings. Existentialism questions why we exist. Existentialists deny the existence of God. Existentialist writers such as Kafka and Sartre often use prisons and solitary confinement to tell their stories. Often, neither the reader nor

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  • Sartre


    Is man condemned to be free? According to Satre, man is not free to be free; he is condemned to be free. By this he meant that people are put on Earth without their consent and from then on they are completely responsible for their actions. According to Satre, God

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  • Sartre's Position

    Sartre's Position

    Sartre's metaphysical position is simply stated in three easy words; Existence precedes Essence. What does this mean? It means that we have no predetermined nature or essence that controls what we are, what we do, or what is valuable for us. We are radically free to act independently of determination

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  • Satre: Condemned To Be Free

    Is man condemned to be free? According to Satre, man is not free to be free; he is condemned to be free. By this he meant that people are put on Earth without their consent and from then on they are completely responsible for their actions. According to Satre, God

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  • Science V Religion

    Science V Religion

    Since the dawn of man, humans have striven to explain the many mysteries of the universe, and to justify our existence in it. Throughout this journey of self-understanding, numerous standpoints on human existence have evolved and merged into a complex, abstract manifestation called religion. However, as the human race has

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  • Screwed Up

    Screwed Up

    WinAceUpdater - An update tool for the Ace community of addons. License: zlib/libpng - see included License.txt Requirements: * Windows 98 or later * .NET 2.0 Runtime - available from Description: This tool provides an easy way for you to keep your Ace addons up to date. When it

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  • Secualr Ethics

    Secualr Ethics

    Kantianism and Utilitarianism are two theories that attempt to answer the moral nature of human beings. Immanuel Kant's moral system is based on a belief that reason is the final authority for morality. John Stuart Mill's moral system is based on the theory known as utilitarianism, which is based upon

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  • Seeking the Truth

    Seeking the Truth

    Seeking the Truth Many philosophers debated the human ability to comprehend the Truth. Some philosophers reasoned that people might apprehend some or all of the Truth through their five senses. This questioning of knowledge called empiricism challenged seekers of Truth to evaluate their surroundings. Their environment reveals the Truth as

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  • Self Reliance (Translated)

    Self Reliance (Translated)

    Self Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson As written by Ð'... (Translated) THE OTHER DAY, I read some original statements written by a famous painter. Whenever I read something truly original, I get a feeling. That feeling is far more valuable than the statements themselves. The feeling fills me with

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  • Seneca - the Tyrant Maker

    Seneca - the Tyrant Maker

    Seneca, who was a stoic philosopher, has often been seen as a "tyrant-trainer" due to being the educator and adviser of Nero, an infamous tyrannical Roman emperor. In this essay I will analyse Seneca's beliefs and advice given to Nero and his role in shaping Nero to become the emperor

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  • Senses


    Reason as a way of knowing has both strengths and weaknesses. In this essay I will define the three area of reason and display their strengths and weaknesses. The power of reason is divided into three areas. The first one is Rationalism, which comes from the Latin meaning “reason. It

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  • Separation Of Church And State

    Separation Of Church And State

    The United States today is a very religious country with many American's professing to identify with some sort of religion. Therefore, it is obvious that religion is a significant factor in American politics and that the issue of the proper role of religion is important in politics. The separation of

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  • Sexual Morality

    Sexual Morality

    Cartesian Dualism Is the mind physical like the brain or mental secret that no one has the key to? That is a question philosophers have been arguing about for years and for years to come. How do we know who or what has a mind? Is the mind and brain

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  • Short Essay On Euthanasia

    Short Essay On Euthanasia

    Euthanasia. This is a very difficult topic to discuss or write about. After reading this book I strongly believe in it, but after thinking about it for a while I realise what all the negative aspects of it are. You may think that the right thing for the doctors to

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  • Shotgun Rules

    Shotgun Rules

    Section I - General Rules 1) The first person to yell "SHOTGUN" gets to ride in the front seat. 2) The remaining back seats may be divvied up in the same manner by being the first to call "back right seat", etc.. 3) The word "shotgun" must be loud enough

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  • Should I Donate My Organs After I Die?

    Should I Donate My Organs After I Die?

    Should I donate my organs or not after, I die? When a person is born, he has the freedom to choose and live her/his life. It is wise for a person to donate his organ in a bid to assist another individual who may or is in need of that

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  • Should Society Be Allowed to Own Guns?

    Should Society Be Allowed to Own Guns?

    Should Society be Allowed to own Guns? In times like this when exists such organization as ISIS and terroristic attacks happen at least bimonthly in absolutely random places all over the world the question of gun ownership is particularly sensitive. To my way of thinking, society should not be allowed

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  • Should We Have Rights to Do Wrong?

    Should We Have Rights to Do Wrong?

    This paper holds a controversial question whether people should have rights to do wrongful acts contrary to conscience and morality. Although, there is no consideration that people are moral creatures, the question does not revolve around questioning their depth of morality. Thus, I would try to unlink this question from

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  • Sigmund Freud

    Sigmund Freud

    1. Explain Freud’s critique on the nature of religious beliefs [30] 2. Introduction Sigmund Freud was known as the ‘father of psychology’. He had a very negative view on religion and considered it to be dangerous and infantile, despite being born and raised a Jew. Although he held so atheistic

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  • Signs


    Vedic Mathematics is the name given to the ancient system of Mathematics which was rediscovered from the Vedas between 1911 and 1918 by Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji (1884-1960). According to his research all of mathematics is based on sixteen Sutras or word-formulae. For example, 'Vertically and Crosswise` is one of

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  • Simone De Beauvoir: The Woman In Love

    Simone De Beauvoir: The Woman In Love

    Beauvoir discusses love in relation to sexual difference. She also discusses the difference between authentic and inauthentic love. What differences between women and men's experiences of love does she discuss? How does she think the problems of love can be rectified? Simone de Beauvoir's text "The Woman in Love", taken

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  • Simpsons And Philosophy

    Simpsons And Philosophy

    Simpson's and Philosophy In the chapter Thus Spake Bart: On Nietzsche and the Virtues of Being Bad, Mark T. Conard shows us why people believe Bart Simpson is similar to a philosophical theorist named Friedrich Nietzsche. Bart being the bad boy of the Simpson's and Nietzsche being the bad boy

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  • Skepticism and Rationality

    Skepticism and Rationality

    Minakshisundar Jayendra Minakshisundar Marcello Barison HUMA 11600/13 March 8, 2016 Prompt 11: Hume says that it would be mad to abandon cause and effect thinking in regular life, and that this kind of thinking has contributed a lot to our survival as a species. Isn’t that a good indication that

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  • Slave Labour

    Slave Labour

    In U.S. history, the federal acts of 1793 and 1850 saw many escaped black slaves being returned to the states where they ran away from. As slavery was abolished in the north, many northern states passed Personal-Liberty laws that would allow fugitives a jury trial, a right that black slaves

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  • Slim's Table

    Slim's Table

    In order to be a good person one must participate in society and become one with not only you but also with others. Without participating in society with others, you aren't experiencing half of the wonderful creations God has made for us. Such as falling in love, bonding, sharing laughter,

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  • Social and Political Philosophy

    Social and Political Philosophy

    Sem. Mark Joseph A. Calbelo Social and Political Philosophy Chapter 21 of “The Prince” “And a prince ought, above all things, always to endeavor in every action to gain for himself the reputation of being a great and remarkable man.” A political man desires that he may maintain his good

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