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The Foundation of a Great Marriage

Marriage is a strong word as well as the bond between two people. It unites two people together to live and share life in harmony as one, cherish the moments together and most likely to bring a new person into their life which, symbolizes it all. Marriage is a beautiful thing, but it is also hard to maintain. Without the right communication, lots of trust, love and understanding marriage would not work, and it would loose the meaning of the word itself.

In life, one has many chances to make or break choices given. To make the marriage work, two people need to communicate well between each other. Communication is one of the main factors to a good marriage. It helps the two people understand and aid each other through good and rough times. Telling one another of how they feel about certain things is one way of communicating; another way is the eye contact. If a relationship or the marriage is well communicated, the partner will see and asses the person in any way possible. If not, the partner will feel insecure and they may take a verbally defensive posture, or take a defensive posture by not interacting at all with their partner, which may be inferred as passive-aggressive behavior. Communication will then taper off and may become either hurtful or even nonexistent. People can be very charming and engaging in relationships, may be very articulate when communicating, but literally have no clue how to attach emotions to their words, and are unable to truthfully express how they feel. People avoid feelings of anger and sadness like a plague, but will communicate around these feelings.

Second, to have a good successful marriage, partners have to trust each other strongly. If the trust is missing, the relationship between two would not work. First, to gain trust into a partner, they have to know their partner well, and for a long time, because trust is mostly



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