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Case Study Anaylsis

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Case study analysis

In large companies there is a huge amount of production that relays on communication between employees and managers. The employees involved with the companies must also posses good organizational skills in order to keep all of the tasks in order for a great turn out at the end of the day.

In the following scenario, communication and employee organization would have prevented a lot of the issues that did happen over the course of a few days. In this scenario Carl Robbins the new Campus Recruiter for ABC Inc. is having major issues with getting everything together to train his first group of new hires. He has told the Operations Supervisor, Monica Carrolls on May 15, that all of the new hires are on track and will be read for the training to start on June, 15. She did not ask for dates or exactly what had been done. In order for the Operations supervisor to make sure her schedule is on track with the new hire training, she should have asked for dates of when things are scheduled to happen. Now it is time to the training to start in one week and Carl is just now checking up on the new hire process. He has just realized that the manuals are not ready, and none the employee files or drug test have been completed. Carl went to check on the training room and realized someone else has also booked that for the entire month. Carl now has no idea how he will get all of this done like he told Monica he had.

There are two possible things that could have contributed to this Scenario. First, Issues within the company that may have caused this. It could simply be that Carl was not properly trained on how to do his job. I do not believe that a good employee would have let this be a hinder on their job security. If he was not properly trained on how to

Case Study Analysis

get these things done, he should have been asking how to accomplish these tasks with out a problem.

I think this situation falls back on his lack of communication and organization. He did not have anything scheduled on a timeline to get these things done and he did not keep a running check on things, he just waited until the last minute to get it all together and make sure it had all happened the way he hoped. If he had checked on the manuals when the box got there, he would have known a long time ago that they were not correctly sent to him.

This also could be completely Monica and Carl's own issues. They should have scheduled all of the things that it takes to get a new hire ready for training. Even though he does not want Monica to know what has happened he needs to call her and let her know about the situation. He also needs to call and see how



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