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  • Ife


    City of God is the powerful story of hoodlum kids growing up in the projects of Brazil. Rocket and Lil Dice [later becomes Lil Ze] are the predominate characters of the story. Rocket grows up to get out of the ghetto and out of the gang face, while Lil Dice

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  • Importance Of Louis Armstrong

    Importance Of Louis Armstrong

    Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong was the greatest of all Jazz musicians. Armstrong defined what it was to play Jazz. His amazing technical abilities, the joy and spontaneity, and amazingly quick, inventive musical mind still dominate Jazz to this day. Only Charlie Parker comes close to having as much influence on

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  • Impressive Nobodies

    Impressive Nobodies

    Charlie Chaplin's "City Lights" and Keaton's "Sherlock, Jr." were considered be two of the best comedies of all time. In City Lights, Chaplin stared as a tramp who tried to help a blind girl. In Sherlick, Jr, Keaton acted as a projectionist who tried to become a detective while being

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  • In The Light Of Reverance

    In The Light Of Reverance

    Melissa Vandrey 11/28/06 RST 140 In the Light of Reverence portrayed the lives of the three Indian tribes, the Lakota, the Hopi, the Wintu and their struggle to keep their land sacred and protected. An example was Black Hills and the Lakota not wanting to people rock climb on what

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  • In Your Chosen Two Television Programmes, Discuss The Extent To Which Situation Comedy Is Dependent On Stereotypical Representations Of Gender.

    In Your Chosen Two Television Programmes, Discuss The Extent To Which Situation Comedy Is Dependent On Stereotypical Representations Of Gender.

    Stereotypical representations, what does this mean? Well a stereotype is "an inflexible and simplified representation of individuals based on generalisations about a particular social group"; a representation is "the process by which a media text represents an idea, issue or event to us". So a stereotypical representation is a representation

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  • Inconvenient Truth Essay

    Inconvenient Truth Essay

    Cann Doan 17788636 In the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth", Al Gore uses logos, ethos, pathos, and kairos in order to convince the audience that global warming is a real and relevant worldly issue. Gore's use of ethos was most compelling not only because of his background in politics, but also

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  • Informative Essay On *Nsync

    Informative Essay On *Nsync

    The pop-R&B group, *NSYNC is taking the world by storm. Males and females alike appreciate *NSYNC's great talent. With their individuality, music and dancing, and good looks, they seem to captivate and impress not only the teenage generation but older generations as well. The group was named *NSYNC after group

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  • Ingmar Bergman's Persona

    Ingmar Bergman's Persona

    What different masks do you wear that both reveal and conceal? In Ingmar Bergman's masterpiece, Persona, the character played by Liv Ullmann, Elisabeth and the nurse, Alma, played by Bibi Andersson are one and the same person. They are "split" when the actress does not want to act any

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  • Interactive Tv

    Interactive Tv

    1.1 Interactive television (May also be known as: ITV, iTV, i-TV, ETV, eTV, Enhanced Television, Enhanced TV, Transactional Television, Fully Interactive TV, Interactive Digital Television, Interactive Tv etc) allows the exchange of information between the sender and the receiver. Potentially, it offers increased control over programming content by enabling the

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  • Internet Music

    Internet Music

    Music Piracy Stealing music and why it is wrong Introduction One night in a typical home in any city in the U.S.A., individuals are downloading illegal music (downloading music illegally; it is the act that is illegal and not really the music) ). With no care in the world,

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  • Interview And Essay On Qawwali's

    Interview And Essay On Qawwali's

    In modern society, diversity among people is an admired quality, which many feel strengthens all of humanity. Diversity in today's world is a result of many cultures coming together to share and celebrate their various backgrounds. Music is one of the largest facets of culture worldwide, and therefore is an

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  • Italian & French Opera

    Italian & French Opera

    Italian and French Opera Opera, a drama consisting primarily by singing, was slow to develop in its beginnings, but once it had established itself in Italy, opera slowly gained interest in France. Comparisons between French and Italian culture in all its parts, including music, were common in the 17th and

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  • Jack Black

    Jack Black

    Is there anything funnier than a guy who can't dress himself wanting to start a t-shirt company? No there isn't, and that is just one hilarious character played by Jack Black. With his ways of expressing himself, humorous actions, and ability to make all kinds of characters funny, Jack Black

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  • Jack Nicholson, Star?

    Jack Nicholson, Star?

    Jack Nicholson can clearly be defined as a 'real' star, he has been an actor for decades and throughout his storied career, he has become an undisputed screen icon. Perhaps the best way to view Nicholson is as a bridge between old Hollywood glamour and modern-day grit. When examining

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  • James Devine'S Rhythmic Dance

    James Devine'S Rhythmic Dance

    James Devine's Rhythmic Dance On Thursday, November 29, 2007, James Devine performed his Tapeire - Driven by Rhythm Concert at the Carnival Center for the Performing Arts to an extremely welcoming audience in Miami, Florida. After weeks of searching for the perfect performance that would interest me, I found fourth

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  • Japanese Animation

    Japanese Animation

    Japanese Animation While some people think Anime is a genre, it is in fact, actually an art form that incorporates all genres found in television and books. The plots range from romantic comedies to science fiction and even action adventures. Anime is released in three forms: TV shows, Movies, and

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  • Japon Cinema

    Japon Cinema

    4 Ozu’s Story of Floating Weeds appears to be a simple tale of a father attempting to reconnect with his son and his son’s mother. In what ways could one argue that the camera treatment (angle, position, distance from subject, etc.), frame composition (mise-en-scene), use of props, and its editing

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  • Jason


    Jason Garcia WRC 1023 Alyson Martin March 24, 2005 File Sharing: Good or Bad? Napster, Kazaa, Audio Galaxy, Aries, Win MX, Imesh. All these companies are the cause of a great deal of talk in not only the media, but between people all across our country. Everybody is asking questions.

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  • Jaws - Filmic Techniques, Structure Of Tension/Suspense

    Jaws - Filmic Techniques, Structure Of Tension/Suspense

    Stephen Spielberg is an American film director, producer and screenwriter. He is the highest grossing filmmaker of all time; his movies having earned almost Ð'Ј4 billion internationally. Spielberg’s films have approached a diverse array of themes and genres: throughout early years as a director, his sci-fi and adventure films were

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  • Jazz Anecdotes By Bill Crow

    Jazz Anecdotes By Bill Crow

    Bill Crow has compiled a great collection of stories. This book looks into the personalities and humor of the Jazz world. Being a jazz player himself, Crow is obviously familiar with the life of a Jazz musician, and he has written down some hilarious tales that Jazz players have passed

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  • Jazz Report

    Jazz Report

    I attended the University Symphony Orchestra's "An Evening of Handel, Schubert, and Haydn" on Thursday, September 30, 2003 in the Daniel Recital Hall. The hall was much more crowded than I expected. At the beginning of the concert, the orchestra was seated on the stage; the men wore tuxedos, and

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  • Jazz Showcase

    Jazz Showcase

    Jazz Showcase The concert I attended was the Jazz Showcase in Rudder Theatre on Monday June21, 2004 at 7:30 p.m. Surroundings Rudder Theatre is a large venue for this Jazz Showcase. There are five sections with fifteen rows deep in each section. The theatre is decorated modestly with solid colors

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  • Jean De Arc

    Jean De Arc

    In watching "The Passion of Jean d'Arc", it was evident from the first thirty minutes of the film that there would be many many close-up shots throughout the whole film. I can honestly say that I haven't seen a film shot the way this was, that I can remember.

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  • Jean Luc Godard's Weekend As Didactic Self-Reflexive Cinema

    Jean Luc Godard's Weekend As Didactic Self-Reflexive Cinema

    James Goodman 5 March 2005 Auguiste Communication Essay Jean Luc Godard's Weekend as Didactic Self-Reflexive Cinema According to Stephen Prince in Movies and Meaning: an Introduction to Film, Screen Reality is a concept that pertains to the principles of time, space, character behavior and audiovisual design that filmmakers systematically organize

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  • Jerry Garcia And The Grateful Dead

    Jerry Garcia And The Grateful Dead

    Alex Walker 25 April, 2001 Period 1 Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead Rock Legends of the 60s and 70s Walker 2 Jerry Garcia's life was filled with wonderful things, many of which he never expected in the first place. After an almost fatal heroin overdose in 1986, "

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  • Jesse James

    Jesse James

    Jesse Woodson James was viewed in two ways; a modern Robin Hood and a killer. He was born in Kearney, Missouri on September 5, 1847. Some people say it was the cruel treatment from Union soldiers that turned Frank and Jesse to a life of crime during the Civil War.

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  • Jessica Simpson

    Jessica Simpson

    Nicki Abrahamson Some people inherit great fortunes, others have the intelligence of their learned ancestors, still others are born into a family of famous athletes. Jessica Simpson, on the other hand, was born with an un-rivaled ability to belt out Christian church hymns and eventually chart topping pop music.

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  • Jesus


    They sat there and talked about what was wrong with their families. In the end, the people of the breakfast club ended up crying about themselves, crying about their misfortunes. How could you stop them? After all, they were older. They could handle themselves. Understand their bodies. John Bender

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  • Jilting Of Granny Weatherall

    Jilting Of Granny Weatherall

    The Jilting of Granny Weatherall In Katherine Ann Porter?s "The Jilting of Granny Weatherall," there are two prevalant themes. The first is self-pity. The second theme is the acceptance of her immenent demise. Both deal with the way people perceive their deaths and mortality in general. Granny Weatherall?s behavior is

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  • Jim Morrison

    Jim Morrison

    Jim Morrison "Friends can help each other. A true friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself-- and especially to feel. Or not feel. Whatever you happen to be feeling at the moment is fine with them. That's what real love amounts to-- letting a person

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