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Batman Begins And Sleepy Hollow

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Essay Preview: Batman Begins And Sleepy Hollow

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In Batman Begins they introduce the story by showing Bruce the main character fall down a well . When Bruce is in the well bats come flying out of the cave, Bruce is scared of bats. Bruce Wayne was getting lunch in a prison in Tibet when a big guy came up to him saying that he was the devil. Bruce saw him as practise and fought them off using martial arts. He then gets thrown into a prison cell where a man called Descartes and tells him that he works for a man called Ra's al ghul. Descartes then tells Bruce that if he picks a flower at the bottom of the hill he will find what he wants at the top. At the start of the film it is black and white it shows that Batman is a dark gothic character.

The opening sequence introduces Bruce Wayne and a girl called Rachel who are playing in Bruce's garden as kids. When Bruce falls down the well we find out that he is scared of bats. The Bruce wakes up from a nightmare in a prison in Tibet Bruce has a fight wit tree guys we find out during this fight that he is trained at martial arts. The prison guards throw him in his own prison cell where he meets a man called Descartes who works for Ra's al Ghul.

This film is an action thriller you can tell because when Bruce has a fight with them seven guys.

The sound effects are really good in this film. When he falls down the well the wood snaps. When the bats fly out of the cave. When Bruce has the fight with the seven Chinese men. There is a fast bit of when Bruce has the fight that had to take quiet a lot of camera angles. There is also a slow bit when they zoom out and look out onto the landscape of the mountains. The music was scary which gave the genre of the film away that it would be a thriller. I think that the set part of this film in Tibet because it seems very quiet and weird.

Sleepy Hollow

It introduces the story as Mr Van Garrett sending a very important letter out to someone but it was very weird



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