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Hip Hop Culture

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people feedback (open sources vs. protect and control)

Thomas Friedman - The World is flat - technology has flatten the world

The World is Spiky - World Population, Light Emissions are indications of Economic Activity, Patents and Scientific Citations

* Sign of unfairness, access and resources

INSEAD Innovation Index

* Human Capacity: Singapore Highest

* Knowledge: US, Japan and Germany

IMD Competitiveness Report

* US and Singapore

"I never forget the man from India who invented the Pentium chip.

The notion of where "community" generates the level of creativity and innovation just by being in the same proximity i.e. conversation in the bars in Silicon Valley.


Jul. 30, 07

Lincoln Electric


Should they build factory in Indonesia?

How to should they do it? JV or wholly own

What should they do when they are in?

Element in Lincoln Incentives



Guaranteed employment

Limited benefits

Lincoln expansion history

US, Canada, Australia and France

Japan, EU and Latin America

Close Japan, Germany, Brazil and Venezuela

New CEO for new expansion in Latin America and Asia

Why do we need this?

To understand the background of the company and how this company developed

What is the right solution that match with company culture and history

Why Lincoln Electric has been so consistently successful?

Incentive management and its impact on loyalty and productivity

The fit with the culture and context of incentive system

Why has system worked well in some locations but not others?

American mindset, culture and values

Change in financial strategy? Expansion with debts or equities

How do they pick where to go? No clear strategy on where to expand just rapid expansion without any criteria. They didn't go through a careful assessment before expansion but want to expand over the place.

The difference between incentives and motivations

Intrinsic (drive from internal i.e. values and beliefs) Extrinsic (drive from external i.e. reward and punishment). Intrinsic incentive is something that gets to how you feel about yourself it involves emotional, pat on the back, and recognition. Extrinsic are money, company car, vacation and new office

Even within one culture but different individual



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