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Heaven Is for Real Film Review

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Essay Preview: Heaven Is for Real Film Review

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Eden Grace C. Celiz                                                                                       Intro to Film


Heaven is For Real

Film Review

        A film adapted from Todd Burpo’s best-selling memoir. Directed by Randall Wallace a 2014 film, a film that shows unconditional faith through ups and downs, it is not just for Christianity but a very heart-felt movie. It portraits real life struggles of every family encounters.

        A pastor son undergoes emergency surgery and during the operation he sees vision, like he saw the doctor who operates his body and he even saw his parents’ prayers while in extreme sorrow. Todd Burpo the father of Colton, he listens to his son’s story about his experience. His mother did not believe on what he was telling but when Colton mentions encountering people he never met or even knew existed. Todd and his wife Sonja becomes convinced that his son really glimpsed the afterlife, but revealing the story of his son was ultimately threaten his parish and his family.

        The plot of the film was well written, how they establish the character they portraying. How they show the everyday life of the character so it will remains to the viewer like Todd Burpo, he was a pastor so they show he preaches, praying and also introduced as a nice guy  . The dialogue of every artist spill their deliver it to establish how their character act or what attitude they have, in the child min actor he deliver his dialogue was an excellent one. In well-meaning and invest with the easygoing tolerance that largely characterizes. The scene when the wife of Todd was giving the painful questions him was excellently delivered because you can really feel what emotion she delivers.

        Choosing location was important also to establish what the lifestyle of their character was. Like how they travel from their house to church and even the whole community. The blockings and visual design for every actor was well recognize and you can easily distinguish them because of proper blockings to each other and to camera.

        The lighting of this film was more on natural light, because the scene was almost shot in the morning and the location was country-house themed. The lighting was also great, for instance they separates the each scene differently and also conveying emotion, like when they’re in misery in the hospital because of Colton’s emergency surgery the scene was a bit gray for the deliver to viewer that the scene was full of sadness.



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