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The Matrix Morpheus Empathic

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I sit here, toyed around and controlled over in a chess game of lies and deception. My hands are chained. I'm held down. Death hovers above and under. It taunts, threatens, shrieks at me. Awaiting.

Oh the pain I feel! How they sting, like needles. How they cut, like blades.

But the pain is necessary. It is worth it. And I endure it willingly. I chose to.

Because Neo is the one.

He must live, save us, just as the Oracle said. I trust, believe, follow through, as the Oracle states, and everything will turn out fine.

And so, I sacrifice myself. And so, I will die.

I smell the sour stench from rivulets of sweat that stream down my face. Every drop of effort the energy I give for Neo.

Blood red veins in my eyes throb jaggedly as they protest- every pulse and action, the encouragement that I give for Neo.

I feel screams of pain that fight to escape the doors of my mouth.

But I stay strong. I fight back. I rebel. They are swallowed into the dark, endless tunnel of my throat. The agents will never hear my suffering. They will never get what they want from me.

And in these last moments of my life, I look out the fake, enclosing window in front of me, and see a view of a fake world that surrounds. And I see...

A helicopter?

Suddenly, the window shatters.

The shrill, piercing sound of broken glass ringing as they plunge down upon the hard, cold floor, sliced through my ears. Shiny gold bullets clatter beside me. Amidst my pain and the blizzard of glass and bullets, I look up.

I see trinity piloting the helicopter.

I look up. My clouded vision clears, and I see Neo, who fires bullets that break the window. Neo, who breaks my cage.

Neo's eyes focus on mine. Our gazes lock.

I stare into the eternal depth of his two open shutters. I see sorrow, desperation, and anger. I see burning passion. I see self-belief, confidence, and most distinctly, an individuality that only Neo possesses.

In those eyes, I see understanding, trust, determination, love...and dreams for....freedom. Yes. I want freedom!

Waves of power and strength surge into my body and mind. I do not want to be



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