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You Are Cool!

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There was a variety of reasons as to how the American colonial patterns of settlement differed among the European nations.

When England colonized the world, they sent a numerous amounts of people over to the Americas to settle in two primary parts of America, New England and Chesapeake colonies. Although both had many similarities, due to they type of people and they way they land was, they became distinct. They Chesapeake area had a lot of indentured servants and were in the Americas' searching for gold, silver and fortunes. Because they were not interested in long term settlement, there were many young men and very few women. These ratios were 5:1, and 70% of Chesapeake men never married. The Chesapeake colonies men who outlived all diseases from their childhood, lived to be about 45 years old, so the environment was obviously not in good enough conditions.

However, New Englanders were searching for religious freedoms to escape religious prosecution. Many of New England's people were puritans. New England's economy focused less on farming and more on fishing, and ship building. New England survived mainly on exporting lumber and grain and the production of ships. New England's environment was much healthier than the Chesapeake's region. So because the environment was so healthy, it was normal for them to have an average of about eight children per family. In New England, men normally died by the time they were 40 and slaves usually died even earlier. But still the average life expectancy exceeded the age of 50.

In the Sothern colonies there was claimed to be religious freedom, but the Anglican faith was the most predominant. The population was the Tidewater aristocracy. Many wealthy land owners lived in the Southern Colonies, and had very high catholic faith. Also a lot of slaves and middle class



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