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Uop_ethical Filter Worksheet

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Ethical Filter Worksheet

University of Phoenix


Personal Source

Justify the Value’s Position in the List. Include any challenges to employing these values consistently when making personal and organizational decisions.

Honesty and Respect Honest and respect are at the top of my list of priorities in decision-making because they are both equally important values in decision-making. Honesty is an inner-quality that one earns and people will see in time. Honesty comes with the responsibility of kindness and sensitivity. People should strive to respect and learn other cultural and organizational values before speaking out and taking the risk of damaging a relationship. Trust builds relationships in business and in our personal lives. Trust comes from honesty and respect.

Positive Attitude (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2004, p. 493) Positive attitude is next on my list of priorities because attitude is important in how people perceive us and in their first impression of us. A very important priority for teams to manage inter-group conflict is to eliminate negative attitudes. Negative attitudes seed negative gossip, which is a threat to an organization.

Good Communication:

Listen and Understand My personal source for listening and understanding is through life and work experiences. Good communication is the key to decision-making. Communication is very high on my list of values because without it, all relationships and businesses would fail. Our understanding of a problem is what people base decisions on. If leaders are not communicating well by not listening carefully to all stakeholders and not ensuring that they understand the stakeholders then the leaders may not truly understand the problem. A good tool to ensure our understanding, is to repeat what we think others are telling us, and then wait for feedback from them. Good communication is crucial when dealing with other cultures. The impact of not communicating well is detrimental to an organizations existence.

Be teachable My personal source for being teachable is through life and work experiences. Being


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