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  • Study Sources A - F

    Study Sources A - F

    Is there sufficient evidence in sources A Ð'- F to explain why there was and anti war movement in the USA in the 1960's and the 1970's? The source was written by Michael Bilton and it was known to be first published in 1992. This source is an extract from

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  • Success


    America has always been about competition. Without competition, America would not be able to succeed in updating our world. That's what America is all about: success. Success is a key close to all Americans that all try to strive for. Our success may come in different measures, but no one

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  • Sudan


    Sudan History: Sudan is the largest country in Africa; about Ð'ј the size of the continental United States. It is located in northern Africa and its capital city is Khartoum. Sudan was a collection of small, independent kingdoms and principalities from the beginning of the Christian era until 1820-21, when

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  • Sugar Cane Ally

    Sugar Cane Ally

    In the movie Sugar Cane Ally the main character Jose searches for a higher education and a better life for him and his grandmother. He doesn’t want to grow old in the cane fields like he has seen and heard from the elder workers like his Grandma and Mr. Medeouze.

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  • Summary:


    SUMMARY: "Vinnie Ream" The article "Vinnie Ream," from the August 2000 issue of Smithsonian Magazine, tells the story of a woman in the 1800's who was chosen to sculpt statues of prominent Americans, including Abraham Lincoln, despite having little experience. The article gives both an overview of the life of

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  • Summis Desiderantes

    Summis Desiderantes

    What goal do you think Pope Innocent VIII was trying to achieve when sanctioning the writing of the Malleus Maleficarum through his papal bull, Summis Desiderantes, in 1484? Pope Innocent VIII could have had obviously had many goals in issuing Summis Desiderantes; however, in my opinion, one goal is much

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  • Sun Yixian As The Father Of The Revolution

    Sun Yixian As The Father Of The Revolution

    To what extent can Sun Yixian be considered the father of the Chinese Revolution? Sun Yixian can be considered the father of the Chinese Revolution as he is contemporarily titled both officially and unofficially in different areas of China as "Forerunner of the Revolution" and National Father, Mr. Sun Chungshan

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  • Supply And Demand Simulation

    Supply And Demand Simulation

    Supply and Demand Simulation The supply and demand simulation is based on the management of rental apartments by GoodLife Management. The apartments are located in a fictitious town called Atlantis. There are many changes to the simulation that affect supply and demand. There are also shifts in the supply and

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  • Supreme Court

    Supreme Court

    Supreme Court The Supreme Court is the highest court in jurisdiction and the highest court/leadership of the Judicial Branch of the U.S Federal Government. It is known as the court of last resort because any of its rulings can't be appealed. In the United States there are many small supreme

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  • Survival In Auschwitz

    Survival In Auschwitz

    Survival in Auschwitz In the History of the world there have been few incidences of atrocities that equal the treatment of the Jews in Europe during World War II. It is difficult to accept the levels of systematic cruelty and terror experienced during this period. In the book Survival in

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  • Surviving Hitler: A Comparison Of Night And The Pianist In The Portrayal Of The Holocaust

    Surviving Hitler: A Comparison Of Night And The Pianist In The Portrayal Of The Holocaust

    The Holocaust is the name applied to the systematic state-sponsored persecution and genocide of the Jews of Europe and North Africa along with other groups during World War II by Nazi Germany and collaborators. "Early elements of the Holocaust include the Kristallnacht pogrom of the 8th and 9th November 1938

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  • Swing Kids

    Swing Kids

    When three friends are pressured by the government and each other, what choices will they make to strengthen or weaken their friendship? When people are pressured into things, does the character change? Is it a good or bad way. In the movie "Swing Kids" Peter, Thomas, and Aarvid made choices

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  • Swiss Government

    Swiss Government

    Swiss Government Switzerland, or the Swiss Confederation, is a small country in the center of Western Europe, surrounded by Italy, France, Germany and Austria and is said to be born in 1291. The population is nearing 7.5 million people of which they are primarily German, French and Italian. The economy,

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  • Switzerland


    Switzerland is best described by conveying an understanding of its geography, political, economic, cultural and social environments. The geography of the country has had a significant impact on its way of life. Switzerland is bordered by Germany in the north, Austria and the Principality of Liechtenstein in the east, Italy

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  • Swordplay On Shakespeare's Stage

    Swordplay On Shakespeare's Stage

    Hamlet Act V scene ii (170) Hamlet: Come on, sir. Laertes: Come, my lord. (They play). Hamlet: One. Laertes: No! Hamlet: Judgement? Osric: A hit, a very palpable hit. This first bit of action begins one of the most famous duels in Shakespearean drama. The "hit" is nothing more than

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  • Symbols Of Christian Art In The Middle Ages

    Symbols Of Christian Art In The Middle Ages

    Christian Art created during the Middle Ages is full of symbolism. From animals and plants to colors and numbers, most every aspect of Medieval Christian art and architecture is symbolic of something. The following are examples of symbolic colors and their meanings: * Black: symbolic of death or loss *

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  • Syria


    Description of Country Syria is a country located in the Middle East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Lebanon and Turkey. The modern nation of Syria did not exist until the 20th century, although the idea of Syria has been in existence since at least the time of the Prophet Muhammad.

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  • T O What Extent Can The Right Of Women In Saudi Arabia Be Justified?

    T O What Extent Can The Right Of Women In Saudi Arabia Be Justified?

    Saudi Arabia, the largest country on the Arabian Peninsula at the western side of Asia, has many recurring conflicts dealing with human rights issues. Human rights in Saudi Arabia are based on Sharia religious laws under rule of the Saudi royal family. Many freedoms as described in the Universal Declaration

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  • Tacitus


    DREAMS In my opinion Dreams are the biggest mystery in the world because no one, even psychologists, know the real reason about why dreams happen. There are only different opinions and theories about it, that's why the people don't know the importance and the functions of Dreams. Since I was

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  • Taken Over By War

    Taken Over By War

    Taken Over by Way Dispatches, written by Michael Herr portrays a vivid and mortal vision of the Vietnam War that he experiences while serving there as a war correspondent. He brings the reader through a tour of his duty in Vietnam conveying pain, humor and also compassion. Herr introduces different

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  • Tamadun Islam

    Tamadun Islam

    Definisi Tamadun Daripada catatan Kamus Dewan, tamadun diertikan sebagai: 1. Keadaan masyarakat manusia yang dicirikan oleh atau didasarkan pada taraf kemajuan kebendaan serta perkembangan pemikiran (sosial, budaya, politik dan lain- lain) yang tinggi, peradaban. 2. Negara dan penduduknya yang telah mencapai taraf kemajuan kebendaan serta perkembangan pemikiran (sosial, budaya, politik

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  • Tamales


    My Experience With Tamales Before I started to do this project I wanted to know the history and background of the tamale. I found that the tamale was recorded as early as 5000 BC, possibly 7000 BC in Pre-Columbian history. Initially, women were taken along in battle as army cooks

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  • Tamerlane


    Timur, or Tamerlane, was the last great nomadic nomadic conqueror of Asia, and founder of the Timurid Empire and Dynasty. During his zenith, he commanded an empire which stretched from modern-day Turkey to Nepal. Most of Timur's life was spent in military conquest. His military expansions often involved the wholsale

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  • Tangerine Novel

    Tangerine Novel

    Tangerine by Edward Bloor The Book Paul Fisher's family is moving from Texas to Florida for a number of reasons. The most important one seems to be so that Paul's older brother Erik can impress the football scouts at some major universities. Indeed, most of what his parents do seems

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  • Tattoo History

    Tattoo History

    This History of Tattoos "Tattoo is a term applied to the practice of permanently marking the skin by injecting or puncturing the dermis and embedding an indelible pigment" (Campbell. N.P). Humans have marked their bodies with tattoos for thousands of years. These everlasting designs: sometimes plain, sometimes elaborate, but always

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  • Tberius Gracchus

    Tberius Gracchus

    Who was Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus and why is his career as Tribune of Plebs important for Roman History? Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus was a born Roman Aristocrat who after making a name for himself in military service became the Roman Tribune of Plebs, and began a serious economics revolution. The fact

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  • Teaching In China:

    Teaching In China:

    On Friday February 1, 2008 at 1:00pm I attended a lecture that was given by Jennifer Thompson in Cooper Hall. She gave a lecture about her experiences on teaching English in China. I found this to be interesting to go all the way to China to teach English. Ms. Thompson

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  • Techniques Of Suffragists And Suffragettes

    Techniques Of Suffragists And Suffragettes

    Describe the ways in which the methods of the suffragists and suffragettes were different. Women started campaigning to win the vote in the 1850's. Small local groups had meetings nationwide to present their arguement for allowing women to vote. In 1877 - 78 there were 1,300 meetings - this represents

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  • Technology As A Crutch

    Technology As A Crutch

    A. Introduction War is a constant issue in the world today, and through the history of the world. With this fact in mind it is important to know why and how wars happen, and why they fail or succeed in the goals for which they are fought. Many wars do

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  • Tecumseh


    Tecumseh ,Shawnee war chief, was born at Old Piqua, on the Mad River in western Ohio. In 1774, his father, Puckeshinwa, was killed at the Battle of Point Pleasant, and in 1779 his mother, Methoataske, accompanied those Shawnees who migrated to Missouri, later died. Raised by an older sister, Tecumpease,

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