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Who Would Be On My Coin

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Through Greek history, there have been many important figures. These important figures have either accomplished something or created a new theory. They include anywhere from philosophers to mathematicians and scientists to poets. Some important people in Greek history have been put on coins. The people I would choose to put on coins are Alexander the Great and Hippocrates.

I chose Alexander the Great to be put on a coin because he accomplished a lot of things. Alexander was tutored by Aristotle. Then, he became king of Macedonia at the age of twenty after his father was assassinated. Alexander defeated the Persians and conquered all the lands from Egypt to India. He should be put on a coin also because he spread the Greek culture to conquered areas. He also settled in newly conquered lands such as Alexandria which was the greatest out of all Hellenistic cities.

I also chose Hippocrates to put on my coin. Hippocrates made many advance in science. He was known as the Father of Medicine. He was one of the first to study illness and cures. He founded a medical school on the island of Cos, Greece and began teaching his ideas. He also created a Hippocratic Oath which promised to help anyone that needs help no matter who they are. This Oath is taken by physicians today as they begin their medical practice.

I chose Alexander the Great and Hippocrates to go on my coin. They were both chosen because they accomplished something great. Alexander conquered many lands and spread Greek culture throughout the world. Hippocrates created an Oath to help people when they are sick no matter who they are.



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