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In what ways have the Jews and the world at large reacted to the events of the Holocaust and coped with its consequences?

Overall the Holocaust is an event in history which in some eyes is described as inhuman and can not be justified. Even though the events of he holocaust had occurred around 68 years from now events since then have occurred all over the world as a result of the holocaust. One of them being the hunting down and prosecution of the Nazis who had carried out the holocaust later on called the Nuremberg Trials (1945-1949), some had escaped all over the world, some even reached South America.

Probably the recreation of Israel is the event that has caused the most controversy or dispute as a result of the Holocaust. The events of the Holocaust had resulted in many countries being sympathetic to wards the Jews and there ambitions to recreate Israel. This was a Jewish aim for a long time and it was to be called Zionism. At this time Britain was in control of all the Arab nations which at that time was lead by the Turkish government. Britain had taken an area of Palestine and placed a certain amount of Jews their, in return Britain would give the Arabs control of their land as the Turks had refused to this agreement, the Arabs had agreed to this in knowledge that the area the Jews where in was not to increase in size. Later on Britain struggled to control the violence occurring in the Middle East and it eventually just left the problem. Since then Palestine has almost become a fragment of what is know a very successful and powerful Israeli nation (seen above).

Ever since 1948 there have been various wars between the two countries, resulting in an estimated 4,416 Palestinian deaths and 989 Israeli deaths, Thousands more have been wounded on both sides. The Palestinian economy is a wreck. Israeli society is not in much better shape. In conclusion the blame for this bloodshed is mainly a lack in British government not thinking of what might result of the reclamation of Israel to the Jews but, a great deal of the ongoing war can be blamed on the Holocaust, at the end of the day the Jewish people had lost so much, and giving them a small area of Palestine would have probably seemed at the time as important part in helping the Jewish people recuperate there losses.

A result of any great event or important people in history usually leads to a memorial, for example Gandhi memorial (on the right) is located in New Delhi. Holocaust memorial sculptures can also be located all around the world. There is also a special day in memory of those people who were massacred just because of their faith, it's on 27th January. One of the biggest memorials is Yad vashem (on the left), a memorial located in Jerusalem. Camps are also still being visited to this day, for example Auschwitz is one biggest concentration camps of the time, there people can witness the place of which genocide took place, even though many of the concentration camps were destroyed by the Nazis as they tried to cover up what they had done, there is still a lot of evidence of what happed in those camps.

One the most worrying aspect is that many Jews have lost Faith directly because of the holocaust, they argue why didn't God intervene and stop 6 million Jews being slaughtered, but many other Jews believe in Freewill. An even bigger surprise is that some people deny the holocaust ever happening, this is deemed legal in Germany and Austria. The most surprising fact is that genocide or ethnic cleansing is still happening today, for example Rwanda has also suffered genocide , on April 6 1994 the next hundred days resulted in over 800,000 Tutsis killed by Hutu militants using clubs and machetes, with as many as 10,000 killed each day.

In conclusion the events that had occurred in the Holocaust have affected the world at large and have not only changed the perspectives of Jews, but of many non Jews as well.

Describe how and why Hitler and the persecuted Jews throughout Europe From 1933 to 1945.

The Nazis and especially Hitler eventually became obsessed with making Germany a pure and powerful country, this meant getting rid of any impurities any means necessary. Hitler saw Jews as humans but almost as a problem, its known that Hitler lived in Vienna from 1907 to 1913 and those were the most difficult years of his life. Hitler was trying to become an artist. He was twice rejected from the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. The second rejection by the Academy was one of the most traumatic experiences of his life; all his dreams were shattered. After discovering that four out of seven professors that rejected him were Jewish he blamed the Jews for his failure. Later on the Jews were also singled out as the reason why Germany lost the war, Hitler's message only really started spreading when he began giving speeches in back of beer halls, soon the halls were overflowing and the German people were starting to hate Jews as much Hitler himself. Between 1924 and 1929 Hitler had



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