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Roman Law

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And so begins the tale of the twins, born of diversity, fathered by Mars, mothered by a vestal Virgin. The twins were found in the bushes by a shepard. In one legend, suckled by a wolf, and the One of the twins was to be sacrified by his brother, while the other would go on to build one of the most magnificent Nation ever known. Romulas and Remas, both wishing to build a new city. This city Rome would become an empire that will never be forgotten. A truly unique civilization that continues to confund people today. Ever learning and growing, Rome would become a new and unique nation in the mist of all other nations. Today, we still look back, and we see the legendary nation of Rome.

It has impacted our very lives, and changed the way early society would operate. Today students still all over the world still study rome. American Students study Julius Ceasar, English scholars hypothesis the possibility of the legendary King Authur, perhaps being a Roman, Italian students study the twelve tablets of Roman law. The Romans, while not unique unto the land they lived, are unique in the way they put together knowledge, and instituted into their system. Roman government, Roman laws and pieces of Roman society can still be seen in todays society.

And so continues the story of the twins, As the two brothers are deciding on a new place to settle down. The twins soon came to a disagreement over the location of the new settlement that would someday grow into one of the largest world powers ever. The twins as legend go settle this by withdrawing to separate hills to await a symbol. This type of problem solving would become a roman trademark. Rome's way of dealing with Law would become a foundation for the world to look upon for the rest of eternity.

And so continues the story of the twins. While Romulus and Remas contunue to disagree, Romulus erects a boundry and forbids Remas to cross that line. Upon Remas's crossing of the line,



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