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Voting Political Science

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The population of the United States of America is about 3 million. There are currently about 2 million registered voters according to the department of Secretary of State. Out of that 2 million only half actually exercise their right to vote. In a country that is viewed as being the symbol of democracy around the world, the citizens aren't exactly model voters. One would think that after all of the struggles that were waged in this nation for equal voting opportunities, every eligible citizen would head out to the poles to vote, but that is not the case.

Through my parent's actions, as a child it was instilled in me that it was my duty to vote. Just turning Eighteen a few months ago I was excited knowing that from this point forward I had the right to help determine the future for my county. I feel that by being a United States citizen it is not our right but instead our responsibility to vote. It is our chance as the people to make difference and determine our future for our society. I feel that each and everyday our government does so much for our country as a whole that us as individuals owe it to get out their and take the time to register and vote. The people are our country, and without them being involved with the government we cannot move forward and continue to move the world in a new direction.

In total I asked 10 people to become registered voters. When beginning my recruitment process I began with five members of my dad's family. Immediately they repudiated. Their reason for saying no was because they're Jehovah Witnesses and from their interpretation of their bible it is against their beliefs to vote. In their bible it says that Jesus Christ said "They are no part of the world, just as I am no part of the world" (John 17:14) and because of this they choose to remain neutral in political affairs of the world. They felt that becoming registered to vote would be pointless and dishonest

because they never intended in the first place to vote.

After being turned down by my family I decided to touch base with Generation X and encourage my friends to become registered voters. I began by asking them their views on voting and how they felt about the issue. I received responses



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