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Political Science Article

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October 30, 2006


Article Review #2

Political Opportunity for Women


With mid term elections in November the focus has turned to women's participation in politics. This article focuses on some specific women who have laid a path for others to follow; As well as given predictions for the future of women's participation.

Ferraro who ran for vice president back in 1984 is surprised to see that no other women have followed in her foot steps. Ferraro goes on to stay to say that "the glass ceiling in presidential politics will not be broken in her lifetime....". Even with that understanding though she is still determined to spread her message to other women in hopes that a future generation will eventually be able to accomplish a task that she was unable to.

Terry, who was elected as Virginia's first female attorney general in 1985, predicts that despite the obstacles facing women's advancement that there is still hope for the future.

It is predicted by Sabato's Crystal Ball that 2006 will be the best year for women in 14 years. It is thought that women could gain nine seats in the House; which would be the largest gain since 1992.

Even though predictions are set as a gain Simon, a professor, believes that there will still be a gender gap when it comes to running for office. Simon's belief also coincides with Wilson's belief that the challenge is getting enough women into the "candidate pool".

Geraldine Ferraro and Mary Sue Terry both have lead the way for women in politics. First Ferraro as the first women to run for vice president and then Terry by becoming Virginia's attorney general. Even though such strides have been made there is still more to come and with predictions leaning towards an increase in women in congress it seems like were going in the right direction.


The article did a great job in outlining what is going on with concerns to women in politics. I believe that it would be great for someone to read regardless of



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