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Political Science 101

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Essay Preview: Political Science 101

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Life Issues

In the United States there are many life issues that affect each citizen in one way or another. Two of the main issues many people face today is abortion and the death penalty. Abortion is considered to be wrong for some people and right for others usually depending on what these people have experienced in their lives. Similarly, the death penalty issue is a concern to some people because it is currently legal. Those who oppose it believe that instead of giving people the death sentence, they should just be put in prison for their actions.

These two issues affect each citizen when they come across such things in their lives. For example, if a young girl becomes pregnant unwillingly, and does not want to keep the child or is not ready for it, then she would prefer for abortion to be legal. For those who believe that every child is a human being and deserves to live are against abortion and would want abortion to be illegal. In the same way, the death penalty not only affects one person but the friends and family of that person. When one is charged with the death penalty, of course, he or she probably regrets what they have done because of course they are in fear of the death charge that is being held against them. In this case, these people are affected by the death penalty and are against it.

According to the Democrats, they are for the abortion and against the death penalty. “Democratic delegates and voters express greater support for life in prison than the death penalty” (“The 2004 Republican Delegates” 2). The Democrats prefer that instead of the death penalty, to keep the person in prison as their punishment because they believe that death is to harsh of a punishment. As for the abortion issue, the Democrats are for it and support it. In an article about Abortion rights it states, “…added that their appointees to the bench would reflect their support for abortion rights” (“Democratic Presidential Candidates Discuss Abortion” 1). This statement was in the article showing a discussion within a few Democratic representatives, and



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