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Political Science and Other Social Science

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Ravago, Robin Anthony P.                                                                 May 06, 2016

11259930                                                                          Ms. Portia Bismonte

Political Science and Other Social Science

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History had taught us what happened in the past and it showed us the changes that had happened in our society, how it reacted, progressed or regressed, and evolved in our space-time. It is important to study the history of our country or the world to further widen our knowledge on what had happened around us; what changes and developments had the laws and the governance of our leaders made our country improve or, somehow, decline.

Political Science has certain ideologies, methods, principles and structures that can affect each being. Politics researches and proposes ways and processes to advance our lives. Thus knowing the history will help to avoid the mistakes and continue the advancements.

Even before, there were already politics and governance ruling our barangays, cities, and municipalities. We need to know the history, the story behind every law that was made and every action that our government has done to resolve the problems that we are currently facing. History also shows us the actions that our past leaders had made to maintain peace and order, and also to protect the people that is in their country. History is important in studying politics and governance because it teaches us the series of past events that lead us to the status that we are in now, and where we should be.u



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