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Reflexiones Sobre El GйNero

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When the earth was still flat,

And the clouds made of fire,

And mountains stretched up to the sky,

Sometimes higher,

Folks roamed the earth

Like big rolling kegs.

They had two sets of arms.

They had two sets of legs.

They had two faces peering

Out of one giant head

So they could watch all around them

As they talked; while they read.

And there were three sexes then,

One that looked like two men

Glued up back to back,

Called the children of the sun.

And similar in shape and girth

Were the children of the earth.

They looked like two girls

Rolled up in one.

And the children of the moon

Looked like a fork shoved on a spoon.

They was part sun, part earth,

Part daughter, part son.

Now the gods grew quite scared

Of our strength and defiance

And Thor said,

"I'm gonna kill them all

With my hammer,

Like I killed the giants."

But the Zeus said, "No,

You better let me

Use my lightning, like scissors,

Like I cut the legs off the whales

And dinosaurs into lizards."

Then he grabbed up some bolts

And he let out a laugh,

Said, "I'll split them right down the middle.

Gonna cut them right up in half."

And then storm clouds gathered above

Into great balls of fire

And then fire shot down

From the sky in bolts

Like shining blades

Of a knife.

And it ripped

Right through the flesh

Of the children of the sun

And the moon

And the earth.

And some Indian god

Sewed the wound up into a hole,

Pulled it round to our belly

To remind us of the price we pay.

And Osiris and the gods of the Nile

Gathered up a big storm

To blow a hurricane,

To scatter us away,

In a flood of wind and rain,

And a sea of tidal waves,

To wash us all away,

And if we don't behave

They'll cut us down again

And we'll be hopping around on one foot

And looking through one eye.

Acaba de leer el mito de Platуn (adaptada en forma de canciуn por una banda) en cuanto al origen del gйnero y las diferentes orientaciones sexuales. El mismo revela que el ser humano existнa en tres formas sexuales, los hijos del sol que eran dos hombres adheridos, los hijos de la tierra, dos mujeres adheridas y los hijos de la luna que eran de ambos sexos. Al ser divididos por los dioses surgieron los gйneros "Hombre'' "Mujer'' y las diferentes orientaciones sexuales con ellos, los homosexuales (hijos del sol e hijas de la tierra) y heterosexuales hijos de la luna).Aunque obviamente es sуlo un mito, es una manera de apreciar cуmo siempre han surgido especulaciones del porquй del gйnero y las diferentes orientaciones sexuales que tiene el ser humano.

No se encuentra precisamente claro cuando fue que surgiу el tйrmino gйnero en nuestra sociedad como concepto hegemуnico donde el gйnero se relaciona con la forma en que se nos percibe y se espera que pensemos y actuemos como mujeres y hombres, por el modo en que la sociedad estб organizada y no por nuestras diferencias biolуgicas o roles definidos socialmente



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