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El Salvador

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I woke up on a Friday morning to catch my plane back to Los Angeles. I was coming back from a 3 week vacation from El Salvador. I was really sick the morning I arose to eat a delicious breakfast. But it wasn't a fever or a cold. It was more of a confusing and stressful hangover. The night before, I was out doing some ridiculous things that I should have never done. There came times that I wish I would have never been there or did some of the things that I did that night. For this reasons I could never go back to El Salvador until I'm eighteen.

On Thursday morning, my uncle Gerber, A.K.A "baby food", woke me up to help him jump start a car. He was going to sell the car, but he needed help to start up the car and send it in for repair. Even though I was on vacation, to my uncle, there is never time for a vacation. I had to help him change two tires and give the car a tune-up. But like most uncles, he rewards our hard work. He took me to a liquor store near by and bought me a big tequila bottle.

It was around 12:00 p.m when we came across my uncle's friends. A sixteen year old-girl named Ocity and her uncle Jose. They were around the same age and we took them to our house. Ocity invited her friend over to come visit for a bit. But, what I didn't notice was that my uncle took Ocity upstairs while I kept company to Jose and her friend " La Gorda." As you can see the name says it all. she was 5'9" and weigh in around 250 lbs, or so she said. Jose was not a drinker but La Gorda was. She challenged me to a drinking competition.

She got a cup from the kitchen and poured the alcohol in the cup. She filled it half way and told me to take a "shot." I told her "Estas jugando con migo verdad?" She responded "No, asi tomamos el tequila aca en este pais." I was surprised, but I wouldn't let a girl take me out like that. I took the cup and drank it all. She took a shot. It went on back and forth till it was my turn for like the tenth time. I was real drunk and I couldn't go no more, but I wouldn't give up. I took my cup and drank her cup. We left Jose on the living room watching TV and I went to my room. La Gorda followed.

She told me, "Dame un veso." I replied, " No importe que tan tomado este yo, yo Nunca te dare un veso." She tried to convince me to give her a kiss but I wouldn't budge. So she left me alone and laid back and fell asleep. I woke up fifteen minutes later because I felt something in my mouth. It was the only food I had eaten earlier that was coming out. A bag of chips rolled out of my mouth. I got up and bumped into everything on my way to the restroom. When I reached the door. I barfed all over the floor. When I finally reached the toilet it was all out. I fell asleep there for 45 minutes. All I heard was my uncle calling out my name when I woke up. He ordered the girl to throw me in the shower and turn on the cold water. As I laid there I fell asleep again. I woke up 2 hours later to find out that my zipper was mysteriously pulled down. I know then that someone was taking a look down there. I got out the shower still really drunk and shouting for my uncles aid. I walked out the back door when it slammed shut on me. I was locked out, half naked, in the pouring rain. however, I didn't feel the cold and waited for my uncle to get back to where ever he left. he finally got home 30 minutes later and said that he went to go drop off the girls. He asked me why did I finish the bottle all by myself. I told him what had happened and he replied to me " We are in a third world country, people here drink at the age of ten. She is used to it, you are not. She was not drunk when I went to go drop her off." I was.

He took me to eat popusas so that the alcohol can get out of my system a bit faster, but it was no use. It was seven hours later and I still felt buzzed. We went to Ocity's house to talk to her mom. Her mom loved me like a son and wanted me to date her daughter. But what she didn't know is that my uncle was already going out with her. Even though my uncle was already married and had three kids, he was still able to have sex with Ocity and her three sisters. The mother told me that I looked pale and that if I felt alright. Ocity and her



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