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El Nino

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As strange as it may sound I have never really known the true meaning of El Nino. I have heard the term used many times but for some reason I never took the necessary steps to understand it. After reading the exercise pieces and learning that it is the process in which there is a disruption of the ocean atmosphere in the Pacific which effects the weather around the world I now have a better understanding for the things that have occurred that were caused by El Nino. Not only that, but now that I understand the meaning of it a lot of conversations and jokes are making a lot more sense.

El Nino causes an increase in rainfall across the southern areas of the US and Peru which strangely causes two different yet deadly weather mishaps. It has been known to cause flooding in some areas and El Nino has also been responsible for some brush fires in many areas. This usual occurs during the summer and it reaches its peak during early winter time.

Studies have been held in an attempt to predict when and how this will effect us in the future. The organization known as NOAA has been conducted studies to help with these predictions for the future. One way that they are doing this is by placing a network of buoys which will measure the temperature, currents and winds in that area. This study will benefit many people because they will know how to go about planning around an anticipated El Nino.

La Nina, which is also something that I didn't know about, is actually the total opposite of El Nino. It is when there is an unusual cold temperature as opposed to El Nino which is most known for the heat that it gives off. When La Nina effects us it can either make it cooler than usual in some places and other times it can make it hotter that usual in other places during the winter time.

The first time I heard someone say El Nino I always thought of it as being a foreign problem and not something that I had to necessarily fret over. Reading about it has taught me that although its name has a Spanish origin it doesn't exclude us from it effect. It turns out that Florida and California are greatly effected



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