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Lanhai Career Management Project Outline

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Essay Preview: Lanhai Career Management Project Outline

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Lanhai Career Management Project Outline


Student career management in China is an emerging market. There are a few players in the industry, most of them are local Chinese companies but they are generally in an initial stage. Abintegro provides systematic academic student career management service and its model has been successfully conducted across 10 countries. Lanhai Career Management aims to conduct Abintegro’s career management model to Chinese market and it has formed a partnership with Xuanyuan Networks & Technology. However the Chinese students’ behaviours and habits are very different from UK, translating Abintegro’s model will not work in Chinese market. How to find an appropriate way to adapt Abintegro’s model to Chinese market is a challengeable task.

The aim of this research is to find out the mechanism of Chinese student career management, and investigate the major differences between British and Chinese markets, in order to give some insights for Lanhai to localise and conduct Abintegro’s career management model in Chinese market.

Research Aims

  1. What are the differences between Chinese and British markets for career management?

1.1 How do Chinese parents play an important role in students’ career management?

1.2 What are the main differences in student behaviours and habits between UK and China?

1.3 How do Chinese institutions affect students in career management? How do career management companies cooperate with institutions?

1.4 How is the demand different in terms of the popularity of different subjects/jobs?

  1. How do Chinese existing competitors operate their business?

2.1 Jincin

2.2 PVGO- Online-offline;  

  1. How can Xuanyuan help Lanhai to adapt to Chinese market?

-Sales & distribution

-Web design & translation

-Anything else?

Research Methodology

Primary Research


  1. Institution related staffs
  2. Student Union presidents
  3. Individual students (final year)

Survey Questionnaire

  1. Individual student (majority, different grade)
  2. Parents
  3. Institution staffs

Secondary Research

  1. Competitor analysis
  2. Case study of Abintegro Arabic strategy
  3. Policy regulations
  4. Data analysis
  5. Cultural difference studies





Proposal Submission


Complete Questionnaire/Interview Design


Collect primary data/ do secondary research


Data analysis


Report and Dissertation Submission



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