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Preparing For College And Life Summary

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In "Preparing for College and Life," published in Swimming World, author Dan Callahan points out the advantages of prep school and the great experiences you will have. Callahan gives an example right away about a swimmer getting out of bed at 6:00 a.m. and getting ready for practice. It shows that it isn't easy to be a part of a team. It takes hard work, dedication, and the willingness to get out of bed in order to improve. Fortunately, the advantages outweigh any disadvantages like a few lost hours of sleep. Advantages include getting to know your teammates, making lots of new friends, and reaching goals you never thought you could do before. This example relates a lot to life. You have to push yourself to achieve great things and not be afraid to meet new people. Managing your time is a task you'll also learn. You may have school all day, work all evening, and homework all night, but you cannot give up. Even if you get frustrated your teachers are always available for extra help. They want you to succeed too. Outside of the classroom, a prep school is an exciting place ready to open up the doors to many opportunities. You could take trips, join clubs, dance, be a part of the performing arts, and much more. It's where you can take advantages of your strengths while learning many new things you've never thought you would. You'll come out of it a better swimmer prepared for college and the challenges life brings.


Callahan, Dan. "Preparing for College and Life." Swimming World October 2005: 42.



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