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College Life Today

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In the work force today it seems that every one needs a college degree, if you want to get more then minimum wage. This being the case a lot of students play sports so they go to school for both an education and an athletic team. In order for some students to do that they must cross the borders in to the United States of America. Once they get to the college the must then adjust to the college atmosphere. This happens in three stages; first thing that has to happen is, to make friends, second thing is, to get used to the course load difference from high school, and the last but not least, you have to cope with home sickness.

Making friends is the something every person going to somewhere new has to do. This is not an easy task, especially for some people. College's usually try to make it easier for the freshman students to make friends by having what is called freshman orientation, which takes place the week before classes start. Students participate in numerous activities in small groups and some in big groups to. This is where a lot of students find their group of friends that they stick with through out their college lives. That is one of the best and easiest ways to make friends; but it is by far not the only way. Most students who come from out of town find jobs on campus somewhere, which is also a good way to get friends. Making friends can also be done in the classroom which will help with the struggles you may have with the course load difference from high school.

Here you are sitting in class on the first day and the teacher says "here's your syllabus follow it and you should do just fine in my class." So you look at the syllabus and find a ton of work that has to be done. Your jaw drops.

The difference of homework, tests, and assignments from high school to college is extravagant. The course load seems to double in just the blink of the eyes. The easiest way to deal with this is to join a study group or find a friend that is taking the same class that you are so you can study together. This allows you to focus on your school work rather then that the party going on down the street or the cool game you just bought for you computer. The thing that really slows you down with school work us that great thing called home sickness, which everyone will face at one point or another in their life.

Home sickness is the thing that all guys think they will never get. In the eyes of a guy going away for college they think they are unstoppable and untouchable.



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