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Last update: May 22, 2015
  • Animal Farm, 1984

    Animal Farm, 1984

    Animal farm and 1984 Napoleon, the leader of all the animals of the Rebellion, can be compared and contrasted with Big Brother, the leader of all the people of 1984. Both Big Brother and Napoleon show the qualities of a cruel ruler. Similar to Big Brother, Napoleon is a secretive plotter who works behind the scenes rather than openly. However, unlike Napoleon, Big Brother periodically appears on the television screen. Napoleon and Big Brother both

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    Submitted: September 9, 2010
  • Chapter 4 - Animal Farm

    Chapter 4 - Animal Farm

    The significance of the first two paragraphs in chapter four is that there are both good and bad results about the Rebellion. In the first paragraph it says that Snowball and Napoleon sent out flights of pigeons whose instruction where to mingle with the aniamls on neighbouring farms, tell them the story of the Rebellion, and teach them the tune if 'Beast of England'. This is the first evidence in the chapter show that the

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    Submitted: October 5, 2010
  • Animal Farm Compared To Russian Revolution

    Animal Farm Compared To Russian Revolution

    Animal Farm and Russian Revolution There have been many books that have criticized politics. One of those books is George Orwell's novel Animal Farm. This book criticizes the dictatorships of the 1930s and 40s like Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini. Many people feel, including me, that it mainly targets Russia's totalitarian state. Animal Farm plays out the Russian Revolution and Stalin's rule. In the book a group of overworked and nearly starved animals revolt against a

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    Submitted: November 8, 2010
  • George Orwell's Writing Techniques In Animal Farm

    George Orwell's Writing Techniques In Animal Farm

    George Orwell's Techniques Discuss the ways in which Orwell effectively shows some of the aspects of communism and the events surrounding the Russian Revolution This essay will focus on the ways and techniques that George Orwell uses, to show the parallels between Russian Communism, and Animal Farm. It will explain the importance of the single techniques, and the overall aim of the writer. The Book, Animal Farm, was written by George Orwell and was first

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    Submitted: November 15, 2010
  • Animal Farm

    Animal Farm

    The Seven Commandments and the way they are used in Animal Farm clearly indicate the satirical purpose Orwell intended to highlight; human vice and folly. This is displayed by both the leaders in the story and the rest of the animal community through the pigs' deceit and the animals' naivety. The pigs in the story, who represent the leaders who take over after the Rebellion, use the Commandments to manipulate the other animals, forcing them

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    Submitted: November 17, 2010
  • Animal Farm's Clover: Not Just Some Horse

    Animal Farm's Clover: Not Just Some Horse

    Animal Farm is a unique farm with a variety of interesting characters. Clover is one of these animals that live on the farm. She is a motherly mare who forges friendships with many other animals. Clover is a carthorse, along with her friend Boxer. They pull the heavy weights that require strength on the farm. In George Orwell's Animal Farm Clover is loyal, gentle, and has trouble expressing her thoughts in to words. Clover is

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    Submitted: November 19, 2010
  • Animal Farm And Its Relation To Government

    Animal Farm And Its Relation To Government

    Animal Farm In Animal Farm, the author has created an environment similar to that of the former Soviet Union. The main character Napoleon is a representation of Joseph Stalin, former leader of the USSR. Napoleon like Stalin rises to power through a revolution. In the book the revolution takes place because the animals feel they are being oppressed by the humans. This idea is spread by Old Major, the wisest of the animals. He orders

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    Submitted: November 21, 2010
  • Animal Farm

    Animal Farm

    The plot of 'This report is a short summary of George Orwell's "Animal Farm." The novel was set in Hertfordshire which was the community where Orwell was known to have lived and where he wrote frequently. Orwell was an avid poultry farmer so his understanding of rural and farm living seems obvious but his insights in the oppression and governmental abuse is not as obvious. The layout of his south of England home served well

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    Submitted: November 23, 2010
  • Animal Farm By George Orwell

    Animal Farm By George Orwell

    Animal Farm by George Orwell How effectively does George Orwell employ literary techniques to convey the theme of corruption throughout 'Animal Farm'? My essay is going to be abut the novel 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell. I will be discussing how effective George Orwell employs literary techniques to convey the theme of corruption throughout 'Animal Farm'. 'Animal Farm' is an allegory of the Russian Revolution. George Orwell uses the animals to portray the idea of

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    Submitted: November 25, 2010
  • Comparison Between The Experiment And Animal Farm

    Comparison Between The Experiment And Animal Farm

    These are two very good stories, one is fictional (Animal Farm), and the other is inspired by a true story (The Experiment). But therefore, they share one very common aspect: power. These two stories demonstrate how humans (or animals) abuse of the power they are given. The Experiment. In this story, the leader is Berus, backed by all the other prison guards. There is therefore one unusual aspect, the scientists, whom supposevly have ultimate power

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  • Character Analysis Essay For Napoleon From Animal Farm

    Character Analysis Essay For Napoleon From Animal Farm

    In Animal Farm, by George Orwell, Napoleon was a very helpful animal, but after he gained power, he became an utterly corrupt opportunist and very rarely thought of others. Napoleon made very minimal contributions to the Revolution, not to the formulation of ideology. Not to the bloody struggle that is necessitates. Not to the new society initial attempts to establish it. Napoleon let the power overtake him. He I guess made a contribution to the

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    Submitted: November 30, 2010
  • Animal Farm

    Animal Farm

    Old Major, a huge boar gathers the animals of Manor farm for a meeting in the giant barn. He tells them about a life where they can be free for the slavery of the humans and they can live in happiness and freedom. He tells them to achieve this hey have to start a revolution against Mr Jones. That night, after the speech Old Major dies. Three days after his death, the animals take Old

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    Submitted: December 3, 2010
  • Animal Farm

    Animal Farm

    Animal Farm A report by Howie Norris One night, all the animals at Mr. Jones' Manor Farm assemble in a barn to hear old Major, a pig, describe a dream he had about a world where all animals live free from the tyranny of their human masters. Old Major dies soon after the meeting, but the animals--inspired by his philosophy of Animalism--plot a rebellion against Jones. Two pigs, Snowball and Napoleon, prove themselves important figures

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    Submitted: December 4, 2010
  • Symbolism Of Pigs In Animal Farm

    Symbolism Of Pigs In Animal Farm

    Rose Oliva Mrs. Acevedo English 011 15 May 2007 Symbolism of Pigs in Animal Farm In Orwell's Animal Farm, the animals revolt against the cruel human leaders and set up a better method of farm management where all animals are equal. As time passes, the new leaders become greedy and corrupt, and the other animals realize conditions are just as miserable as before. There is a major connection between Animal Farm and Russian communism. The

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    Submitted: December 5, 2010
  • Animal Farm

    Animal Farm

    Chapter 1(pgs.15-24) In first chapter, the reader is introduced to all of his wonderful animals. Obviously most of the chapter is intended to spark pity and a sense of sympathy for the poor, suffering farm animals, but the old Major's words are very telling. The wise old pig addresses the central conflict of the book, and of Orwell's intended meaning-- tyranny. The first (and seemingly only) dictatorship the animals must overcome is the rule of

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    Submitted: December 8, 2010
  • Animal Farm

    Animal Farm

    Animal Farm What’s that? Animals are speaking? Animal Farm is a movie that is a symbol of Stalin’s power during the Russian Revolution. In the movie Old Major (Lenin) dies, and power is led by the other pigs (other leaders below Lenin), and eventually taken by Napoleon (Stalin). During Napoleon’s rule it goes through different events that actually took place during the revolution. All these events had to do with Economy, Government, Education, Art, Religion,

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    Submitted: December 11, 2010
  • Animal Farm

    Animal Farm

    "The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to which was which." The animals in George Orwell's Animal Farm change throughout the story and become just like the people they detest in the beginning of the tale. George Orwell uses this symbolism to show how power in government changes and corrupts people and organizations. Orwell uses characterization and allegory

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    Submitted: December 25, 2010
  • Absolute Power In Animal Farm

    Absolute Power In Animal Farm

    In George Orwell's Animal Farm, "power corrupts" is the central focus, because human nature is filled with too much avarice to allow for complete equality. He writes Animal Farm to prove to the world isn't practicing true Communism; this is contrary to what Russia is saying. Orwell Passionately hates political lying and inequality, and Russia is guilty of both acts. The leaders say it is true Communism, but they're lying because there are people

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    Submitted: December 28, 2010
  • Animal Farm Essay

    Animal Farm Essay

    'Animal Farm' by George Orwell tells the tale of the animals of Manor Farm, who want a community for the animals, and by the animals, where all are equal and work is done for the good of the animals. Old Major, a wise old pig, holds this view of the perfect society for animals, free from human oppression. He tells the others about his dream for a better life for all, and says it cannot

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    Submitted: December 30, 2010
  • Animal Farm Essay - Humanity Behaviour

    Animal Farm Essay - Humanity Behaviour

    Better or Worse? In George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm, the animals demonstrate several ways of how humanity behaves. The novel is an allegory with animals illustrating human behaviour during the Russian Revolution. Throughout this time, the main aspect of human behaviour in the novel is the animals showing the worst of their intentions, however there are also good qualities exposed. The better quality that was showed most was loyalty meanwhile the awful qualities revealed was

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    Submitted: January 3, 2011
  • Animal Farm Propaganda

    Animal Farm Propaganda

    Animal Farm: Timeless Propaganda Upon Animal Farm’s first publication in 1945, it quickly became a success and is now regarded as one of the best allegories of Soviet totalitarianism ever written. All of its characters provided a representation of Soviet Russia’s political figures, with its main character, Napoleon, illustrating Joseph Stalin and a corrupt totalitarian rule. The book parodies Stalin’s rise to power and his eventual total control of nearly every aspect of personal and

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    Submitted: January 9, 2011
  • Animal Farm Politics

    Animal Farm Politics

    Animal Farm Politics "Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely" -Lord Acton (1834-1902). It is believed and can be notably seen in the past that many great people become dangerous and corrupt under vast amounts of power. It is this which is usually the greatest cause of their downfall. As we know many people fail, lose their status, or reputation when they are in a higher position. People of status, who have large amounts

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    Submitted: March 3, 2011
  • Animal Farm Theme Essay

    Animal Farm Theme Essay

    Theme Essay If a seven year old read Animal Farm he/she would have thought that it is a sad story about a farm in England. If an older person reads it however, he/she realizes that this story has much more meaning to it. The story is filled with themes that help us understand the world around us. In this essay I am going to talk about four themes that Orwell discussed in this story. They

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    Submitted: March 12, 2011
  • Book Report On George Orwell's Animal Farm

    Book Report On George Orwell's Animal Farm

    Animal Farm is a book written by George Orwell - whose real name was Eric Blair - published in 1945. An all-knowing narrator in the third person tells the story of an animal revolution on a farm located somewhere in England. The plot is based on the Russian revolution and Stalin's use of power, and Orwell uses farm animals to portray both the people of power and the common people during this time. The main

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    Submitted: March 14, 2011
  • Animal Farm - Essay

    Animal Farm - Essay

    The book Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, is a satire the Russian Revolution from 1917 to 1953. Its intent was to criticize Stalin and Stalinism. It is an allegorical fable, in which animals resemble the Bolshevik party members. Napoleon and Snowball (the leading pigs) represent Stalin and Lenin respectively. After a speech from Old Major (an old pig, which stated Man was evil and in the future all animals would be free), the animals

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    Submitted: March 15, 2011

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