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Preparing For Life After Graduation

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Essay Preview: Preparing For Life After Graduation

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Well graduation is fast approaching and now is the time to begin preparing yourself for the job search. When you decided on your individual curriculum you took the first step on your professional journey. While recreating yourself as a nurse, teacher or whatever field your degree is in, you were gathering information about your various practices and career environments. Now is the time to make the transition from college life to professional life.

Most college graduates have a misconception about graduating and getting their diploma. They falsely believe that the diploma in itself will speak for them, when the truth is "you" are what is going to make or break you in the process of finding and having a successful professional career. Being prepared and knowing what to expect will help you to achieve and be successful in your professional career.


On June 22, 2006 Dr. James A. Ellzy Professor at Tennessee State University, College of Business assigned us this informational report due on June 29, 2006, which he extended to Monday July 3, 2006. This report is to contain four factors/topics: 1) Ethics, 2) Resume, Interviewing and Follow-up, 3) Professional Dress, 4) Business Ethics. Each factor/topic is to contain 3 sub factors/subtopics. Each sub factor/subtopic is to contain at least 3 difference sources.

Purpose, Scope and Limitations

The purpose of this research report was to supply new college graduates with the tools and knowledge that can help lead to a successful professional career. This report will give you the tools that you need to perhaps get you in the door, but being prepared and knowing what is expected of you can mean the difference between being offered the position or not. It is all up to youÐ'--do you have what it takes?


Sources and Methods

In preparing this research report a variety of books, magazines and internet resources were utilized. All materials used were targeted toward the main factors/topics of this report.

Report Organization

This research report will help to prepare new college graduates as they begin the journey of going from college life to a professional life. They will learn the importance of a good resume, correct interviewing techniques and the tools to help them have a successful professional career once they are hired.


What is a resume? What is its purpose? What can it do for you? After all it's just a piece of paper; or is it? In the following subtopics I will attempt to answer these questions along with interview techniques, and tips on follow-up. The resume subtopic will help you create the single most important piece of paper that you may ever create about yourself. It could mean the difference between getting the interview and being rejected because of something you did or did not include in your resume. The interview subtopic will attempt to give you the tools needed to have a successful interview that will lead to a job offer. The follow-up subtopic will give you tips on sending out thank-you letters after your interview.

Purpose of a Resume

What is the purpose of a resume, you may ask. Let's face it, "the number one purpose of a resume is to win an interview." "Your resume is your passport to the interview, the first impression you make and the most important document in your job search. It can open the doors to a successful career."

According to the head hunters, "Human resource managers spend an average of less than a minute scanning a resume. For this reason, your resume should stand out in a professional way and say to the reader that you deserve an interview."

Interviewing With Success

Your resume worked and the job search was successful, and now you have an interview. It could very well be the most important hour of your professional career. "The job interview is the precious period in which you are sized up by a powerful person who may well decide whether or not you get the position you want. You can prepare for the interview just as you do for many other tests and enhance your chances of winning an offer." "Concentrating on your five best strengths will help you focus during the interview and will make it easier for them to remember you. You can begin before the interview by identifying your five key strengths and matching them up with the job requirements. Once you've done that, determine ways to bring up these matches during the interview." It has been proven that "People who consistently succeed at interviews are those who take the time to prepare their own answers rather than simply using answers they have read or heard elsewhere, if you fail to establish rapport and trust, it is highly unlikely that you will get the jobÐ'--no matter how technically brilliant your answers are."

Tips for Follow-Up

Wonderful! Your resume worked, you've had the interview and now you wait anxiously by the phone. So what can you do to keep from driving yourself and you whole family nuts during this time? According to the experts you should send out thank you notes within 24 hours of the interview. "It enables you to sell yourself further by demonstrating your professionalism, your understanding of business procedures, your communications skills and your continued enthusiasm for the job. Prospective employers are looking for that spark, the energy indication that you really want this position." Remember to write to every executive that you meet. "If you interview with more than one person at a company, send each a customized thank-you, recommends Dean Fechner, senior manager, U.S. recruiting, at Booz Allen Hamilton Inc."

"Immediately after the interview, it is essential to write down particulars. Include the details of the job description as described by the interviewer; details regarding the company and department in which you would be working and any skills for which you felt the interviewer had a concern."


What does professional dress mean? For some it means a three piece suit, for some professional



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