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Success In College Life: Fighting For Success

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Students who enter the college usually collide with many problems, choices, changes, achievements, obstacles, impressions and people. The entire students have a desire to be successful and reach a lot during the college studying. But unfortunately the majority of the students do not realize how to achieve the success and make the student life more comfortable, easy and impressive. They say that college students worry about falling exams or classes, getting nervous about their sliding GPA, feeling overwhelmed, experiencing severe test anxiety, having trouble studying, studying вЂ" but having trouble with tests, thinking about quitting college and changing their majors.

Obviously, those college students are really worried by all these. Their worry showed in 2004 academic international poll in which 86% of college students said that they are having a lot of problems in college than any time in their life. (“National Academic Association said”). But just as most of these students do not give realistic view about their life, they start having no idea of what is going on in college, and how to do to get the achievement in college. The fact is that not all the students are lost and not capable to achieve the successful in college. While they struggle with problems in their college life, some successful students are doing what they have always done: finding ways to get success in their academic. They are currently staying on the battle field to fight for their college life in three ways: by fighting against the academic difficulty, by fighting against the financial problem, and by fighting against the influence of personal pressure.

Commonly, college students have to put a lot of effort on their academic. The fact is that everyone is concerned about tests, quizzes, reports, research paper, and projects that need to be done and handed in on time according to the due date. Students worry that they might fail tests or they might not get up and be ready to go on time, and they will be marked as absent. Some of the subjects are very hard and they make the student afraid as they aren’t able to understand what the books are trying to say. Therefore students need to look up in the dictionary to find out the meaning of it. It makes them stressed with those words and how to do the report successfully while they turn one eye to the dictionary and the other one to the books. For instance in Mission College, half of students in Principle Accounting II class have dropped after midterm exam because they think the course is too hard for them. For the whole semester their head is ringing with how they can get a good grade and high GPA. Each day and night they worry, are stressed, are depressed and lack sleeping hours. The university of McMaster Medical Center has explained the symptoms of stress:

The symptoms of stress can be physical, emotional, and mental. Some physical symptoms are heart pounding, headaches, sweaty palms, indigestion, sleeplessness, and tight stomach; things likely to prevent one from attending class. Emotional symptoms include being irritable, depressed, anxious, hostile, or nervous. Things that make it difficult to work with others. The mental symptoms of stress show as forgetfulness, loss of concentration, poor judgment, disorganization, confusion, and negative self talk.

As a result, it looks like too worse. We can conclude that their grade and their health will be quite poor if they are stressed.

There are still some ways to reduce students’ stressed and enhance the academic skill very effectively. In 2004, Elizabeth Scott clarified some tips and tools that students can use to learn study skills, prepare for exams and minimize students’ school stress levels to make learning easier. She mentioned about managing time wisely because it’s important to give students plenty of time to work on their studies if they want to do well, and they can save themselves a lot of stress if they plan ahead with good time management skills. Setting up a schedule for study, breaking up their studies into smaller chunks, and other time management skills are essential. Getting organized is another tip for reducing stress. Student should have a system of organization for note-taking, keeping track of assignments, and other important papers. This will help students to remember when the deadlines are and test dates, and clearing their mind of some of the mental clutter that disorganization brings. Students also have to know your learning style, because everyone has different style to learn. It’s important to know whether student is a visual, kinesthetic or auditory learner, as he can modify his study practices around his particular learning style and make success easier to attain. Practice visualizations and imagery is the tip which motivate student to achieve their goals in college. It means student is capable to improve test performance by imaging themselves achieving their goals. Student should take few minutes to imagine each day in detail of what he would like to happen, whether it’s giving a presentation without getting nervous, acing an exam, or something else that will support student’s success. Then work hard and make it happens! Develop optimism has been advised by Dr. Roy that obstacle which troubles many students is the mistakes they have made incidentally and these mistakes drive them into the wrong judgment about their genuine abilities and potential. In reality, this idea is totally wrong. The past failures is the past which has no potential to re-occur in the present or future, so those past failures are not the determination of our present or future accomplishment, nor the past failures will not decide our whole destiny. For my point of view, learning to lose is a part of learning to win. In the next tip, students have to get enough sleep if they want their performance and their academic to be optimum. Steven and Stein are the members of the Nation of Health Care Center. Their research has been shown that those who are sleep-deprived have more trouble learning and remembering, and perform more poorly in many areas (How to Sleep? 43). All of these are what student needs to know to become a less stressed and more effective student.

For many students, college is the first major landmark on the path to independence. Moving away from home means no more curfews, no asking for permission and no parents looking over their shoulders. It also means that the liberty-seeking college kid is now free to make his or her own mistakes. In such an environment, money management often becomes an issue. Knowing how to avoid these problems is the key to fight with the financial pressure in college. According to Blythe Terell who is a professor in University of Missouri has given us several common mistakes



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