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Politics - the Science of Government

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     Politics is the science of government. This has to do with the activities associated with the governance of a country or an area. Over the past years we have seen where technology has evolved and so has politics throughout the globe. What is technology you may ask, well technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. In this new era we see where politicans, has develop the knowledge and has began to use techology to test there chances in a election. One way in which they do so they use technology through the use of social media to engage or persuade voters, which may lead or even help with fundraising.

      The internet enables voters to participate, giving them a platform to voice their opinions and improve the rights they have. through the use of facebook, twitter, youtube and even instagram the candidates communicate with voters to sway their opinion. The internet has also provided communication through channel from traditional radio and television media network. Technology through social media helps to enhance public discourse and political messaging to reach potential voters during a time of campaign. They also write blogs which allows them the self-proclaimed political pundit that they may need to help spread message and influence their voters. Technology through social media also allows direct interaction between politicians and their supporters, it is possible for supporters to attend virtual events where they participate in live streaming with candidates, instead of joining long lines to meet candidates.

      Technology affects the fundraising of political parties, which will eventually help to decide how capable a candidate is to represent a particular area. Raising revenues is a really big circumstance candidates have to overcome in order to have some chance of success in a political race. We see where politician starts to post events and broadcast meetings through the different social media platforms. The different supportes then use these platforms to view the different events, and they participate, contribute to and support them. The more supporters recieved for each event the more revenues this candidate may recieve. The candidates thus expolit the use of technology to gain and engage their supporters and to gain monetary support.



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