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The Great Pyramid is a mystery to the modern time, even though its purpose; uses, history, and condition have challenged explorers for centuries it will always be considered one of the greatest wonders of the world. The pyramids of Giza have been sitting high on the plateau by the Nile for more then 4,500 years. When King Tutankhamen was alive the pyramids were about 1000 years old. From far away they look amazing but close up they are incredible, they are like nothing you have ever seen.


Many people think the pyramids were built by either foreigners or slaves, but they weren’t. Excavated skeletons show that they were actually Egyptians who built them. The Egyptians who lived in the villages were developed and overseen by the pharaoh’s supervisors. People thought that the pyramids were built by slaves and foreigners because Egypt was a big tourist/trading place. People who stayed in Egypt needed work so they found work working on the pyramids. That is the story of how foreigners built the pyramids.

Some of the builders were permanent staff of the pharaoh. Others were recruited for a limited time from local villages. Some may have been women. Although no representation of women builders have been found, some female skeletons clothes suggests that they worked with heavy stone for long periods of time. An estimated 20,000 to 30,000 workers built the pyramids or a span of 80 years. Much of the work probably happened while the Nile River was flooded.

The main reason for building the pyramid was for the pharaohs. The pyramids were to shelter and guard the part of the pharaoh’s soul that remained with his corpse. Egyptians built massive tombs but they weren’t always pyramids.

Before pyramids the tombs were carved bedrock. The roof was a flat-roofed structure called mastabas. Mounds of dirt would sometimes be on the top of the mastabas.



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