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Half Finished Paper

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My duties and responsibilities as a soldier

Now my personal way of looking at responsibility is that u have a set of standards and it is your duty to fulfill them. Not just when someone is looking, but all the time. I have a responsibility towards my country to defend it, my family to provide, my fellow soilders to set a good example, and the rest of the world to be a model citizen and contribute to society. 70

A lot of what people perceive about you is based on the individual ability to handle ones responsibilities. On one hand, if you are the kind of person who never gets things done but always promises to do them, you will be perceived as untrustworthy and no one will ever come to you for help or to give your more responsibility. How can you be a team leader if you can not even take care of you own tasks? It shows that any soldier they put under you is going to be neglected based on the fact that you will always be scrambling to take care of your own mistakes and problems caused by lack of responsibility. On the other hand, if you can always complete the simple tasks given to us to do during the day, its starts to show that you only have to put minimal effort towards yourself and that you have lots of attention and time to take care of your other guys. 336

I know that I have not shown myself to be the most responsible person in the unit, and the way I am looked at has changed because of it. Instead of being viewed as a soldier with just fifty four days left, I am viewed as the soldier always trying to dodge work or not caring. My plan to change this is just to follow the guidelines set forth to me by sgt merriweather, and always give my all towards my work no matter what my opinion on it may be. Hopefully with this plan of action I can finally disperse the cloud of laziness that everyone sees but me and develop a reputation for being responsible. 450

To me, duty and responsibitly



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