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Venice Research Paper

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Alex Zillion


Barris English 1


Venice Italy is most widely known for its Canals, but what most people forget about are the renaissance artwork on the side of the canals or the Carnival held near the Canals among other things. Venice has been the center of attention for a long time and some of those events are in this document.

The Carnival of Venice is yearly occurrences were people are allowed to wear a mask and cloak. Three day before the Carnival Venetians start to dance around the city. The Flight of the Angels is where people in Venice perform dangerous acrobatic acts during the Carnival. The Carnivals don't just set up by itself, Masquerades are groups of people who set up the Carnival and wear multicolored cloths. Mask makers are people who paint multicolored faces onto pieces of plaster.

Sea Gates are used to stop the flooding of Venice. The one hundred years the wooden crates that Venice is built on has started sinking in the mud from the tides. Venice has high flood walls but because it is sinking more and more floods re going over the walls and destroying property. You wouldn't think mud is the reason for the sinking of Venice but every time a flood comes through, the wooden crates sink father in the mud.

In Venice Jews were kept separate in an area called the Ghetto so they couldn't convert Christians. To Identify the Jews the Venice Government made all Jews were a yellow armband or hat. The Jewish doctors were given special permission to leave the Ghetto after hours; if they were thought trustworthy enough they were allowed to live in the city. There are a few reasons that the Jews are kept separate but the main one is because the government was worried that the Jews would convert Christians. In the Ghetto was not the most spacious place, so when there



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