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Mozart (This Paper Is If You Want To B+)Not Higher

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Written by: Ivan Tarnawsky

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is, in the opinion of many people, the greatest composer who ever lived. Some of us happen to fancy Gershwin, but hey, Mozart is older. Mozart was born in Salzburg on January 27, 1956. On January 24, 1761 when Mozart was only five years old, he learned now to play his first piece of music, a scherzo by Georg Christof Wagenseil.

Mozart's first documented performance was on September first, 1761 as a singer in the Latin play "Sigismundus Humgariae Rex."

In January 1762, he his father and his sister went to Munich for three weeks. While there, he and his sister perform for the Bavarian Elector Maximilian III Joseph.

On September 18, 1762, Mozart and his family departed for Vienna where Mozart gives his first performance as a "musical virtuoso." He does this at the Trinity Inn near Linz.

January the following year entire family returns to Salzburg from Vienna.

On June 9th, the same year his family prepared to go on a "Grand Tour" of Vienna. While in Munich Mozart performed for the Bavarian Elector Maximilian III Joseph, again.

On October the 7th Mozart and his sister performed a concert in Brussels which is attended by the Governor-General of the Austrian Netherlands and Prince Charles de Loraine.

Shortly after going to Paris in November, the Mozart family was invited to Versailles, where they stay for two weeks.

In January 1764, Mozart meets Louis XV and Queen Maria Lezeczynska. Over the course of this year Mozart, his father and his mother all become sick. Mozart became sick with an intestinal typhehoid.

In 1771, Mozart got a job as court musician and composer for the archbishop of Salzburg.



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