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Mass Communication Effects

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​Due to technological innovations moving the world into an advanced new era of rapid communication, the effects of mass media have grown in their influence. Large audiences are constantly being reached through television, newspapers, magazines, radio, and the internet. Most people are unaware of the powerful effects advertisements have over our lives. Engaging and persuasive ads can shape our tendencies and purchasing habits as well as our cultural viewpoints. Commercials are one utilized media outlet to convey products and services to the public in strategic and influential ways. For example, these advertisements can depict various lifestyles that are attached to particular products and brands. Most of these “lifestyles” are unattainable and unrealistic, creating idealistic societal norms which can lead to metal health problems. The Budweiser Black Crown commercial, is a perfect example of an advertisement that displays a lavish, luxurious lifestyle foreign to most.

​The commercial opens with a beautiful women, wearing high heels, a sparkly black dress, and expensive jewelry, carrying two Black Crown’s in one hand. As she enters a grand ballroom, she is surrounded by equally elaborately dressed people. The atmosphere is singular and exclusive in its abeyance. The product is clearly being linked with a rich, prosperous existence. The issue here is that many people may become envious of this dramatic display of wealth and become unhappy with their own life. Women may develop eating disorders in the attempt to look like the beautiful, thin model in the commercial’s opening scene.

​As the women makes her way through the crowd, the camera pans through all the people in the room. The guests are smiling, laughing, drinking Black Crown and genuinely appearing to have a great time. The imagery here depicts a sense of community among this elite, well-dressed group. The commercial is connecting happiness and social well-being with



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