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Effective Communication Between Men And Women

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Essay Preview: Effective Communication Between Men And Women

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The target audience of my paper will be The CEO and maybe the PR reps in a company that deals with employees of diifferent races and genders, as well as the employees themselves.

The benefits of my recomendation would be that the employees of specific organizations and the higher up on the chain of command would be able to communicate better. They could understand the true meaning behind some of the impimentations made, jokes given and orders that are given. Without an understanding of how different cultures and genders interact and perceive

actions of others, conclusions may be made the wrong way or requests would be taken with "the wrong light".

The specific benefits will include: decreased costs (in employee wages because communication is given and received

better in order to obtain less hours in the long-run); possible tax write-offs(able to higher minorities); being an equal opportunity employer; increased morale through less stress from inadequate communication which results in higher productivity.

By giving specific dollar amounts of potential savings, I would be able to get their attention a lot easier by focusing on what their concerned with($$$$), or larger profits.

In the upcoming future of business we will not have the luxury of just not engaging in the world around us. In years to come, the majority of Americans-whatever skill or profession-will either(a) work for an international concern, (b) buy from one, (c) sell to one, (d) compete with one.(NOLAN, 2005)

The two-culture theory has mainly focused on gender differences in 'troubles talk', intimacy, and emotion. Caring seems to be the principal category that differentiates one sex from the other.(Allwood, 2005)





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