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Executive Summary

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Executive Summary

Door Step Barbers is mobile barber shop that serves to provide fast and top quality haircuts for our customers right at the comforts of their home. We are an online based that hires the top notch barbers in the city to cut your hair at the comforts of your home. In this digital era everything and anything is on the internet and people are moving faster than ever. We want to help people to avoid the hassle of people going to barber shop instead we come directly to you. The saves our customers precious time. At Door Step Barbers we service such as haircuts (Gents, Ladies and Kids), shave, beard trim, hair tattoo, threading, hair colouring and etc. Our high skilled and professional barbers used quality equipment’s to produce the best hair cut for you. Our business primarily aims for house call services and online enquiries. Door Step Barbers aims to provide quality haircuts at affordable price at your feet. We also provide special offers, discounts and more for our loyal clients. With Door Step Barbers you never have to fight traffic, wait in long lines, or panic about not having a barber at the last minute. We provide the best barbering experience and the only barbershop you will ever need.


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Style you need at your feet


Providing quality haircuts at affordable price at your doorstep


Door Steps Barbers is a fully online based mobile barbershop company that provides haircutting and other grooming related services to customers right at their door step. DSB is a fully licensed and registered barbershop such as any brick & mortar barbershop. DSB was established on 12 September 2018 and has been operating successfully for about 6 months. The founder and owner of DSB is Mr. Vinesh Varma who has diploma in barbering and hair styling form the John Davis Barbering Academy and has 7 years working experience in the country top barbershops and saloons. DSB is fully online and social media based company where customers can call, email or direct message us through any of our social media sites (mainly Instagram). We at DSB only hire and appoint highly trained and skilled barbers to give our customers the best barbering experience. DSB do not have full time employees, we work on freelance basis. All our barber is provided with a barber ID to verify that they are appointed by DSB. This is to done to avoid any imposters and ensure the safety of our customers.  Our professional barbers are fully equipped with their own barbering equipment’s and portable barber chair which is quality checked. The portable barber chairs are currently stored at premise of the owner. DSB takes pleasure by offering exclusive services that are convenient & affordable, with the choice to choose of our customers preferred location and flexible schedule.

What is the purpose of our business?

The main aim of starting DSB is to provide potential customers quality haircuts at an affordable price at the comforts of their home. We also want to make haircuts appointments less of a burden and bring them right to you. DSB also aims to help people with disabilities, illness, recovering from accidents or people without transport who wants to get a quality haircut but are not able to do so. In addition, opening an online based barbershop requires far lesser capital compared to a brick and mortar barbershop. Mobile barbershop like us can offer our customers a more flexible appointment schedule compared to normal barbers. DSB help fill these needs.

Short term & Long term goals

Short term goals:

 The short term goal of DSB is to invest in barber trailers so that our customers do not necessarily have to be in the house or office but they can anywhere. Barber trailers which is fully equipped with barer chairs, shower room, a waiting and resting area will allow us to provide haircuts services to our customers anywhere and at any time. This is will boost the business revenue and at the same time be used as a marketing tool. This planned to be executed in next year or the following depending the successfulness of sales and the demand for barber trailers in the area.

Long term goals:

The long term goal of DSB will be to open its very own physical barbershop. This is will be done because there a still people who enjoy and like the feeling of going to barbershop and cutting their hair. DSB will be a more modern and “hype” kind of barbershop. This is done to attract younger generation as there are always keeping to the trend. We also plan to franchise DSB and the franchise will be at very reasonable rate. We want DSB’s mobile barber trailers and physical barbershops to be in every state in Malaysia.


While brick and mortar barbershops might be touched positively by the current economy and inflation rate in our country, many commercial barbershops are very comfortable in their comfort zone and do not want to take any initiate to adapt to current trends and innovate their services. DSB as a mobile barbershop will focus on professionals, working people, students, and etc. Our service is basically carted for middle income or higher income individuals who understands the value of time and have a few dollars extra to spare for quality service at their feet.

Based on research we have conducted; Men will typically make up 70-75% of the customer base. This is because men have shorter hair and needs regular haircuts compared to women. Working people would our main target audience because they have less time to go to the market saloon or barbershop for their haircuts. Mobile barbershop like us would be more convenient as we can be anywhere at most appropriate time. While men would mostly turn up for haircuts and bear trimming, women would turn up for facial and other services.

         Potential customers can be segmented to as working men and women, children, and college going students as three segments. Working people would be available in the morning, evening and on weekends. Children and college going students will be available mostly in the afternoons and evenings.

Our market area would be in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and 25 miles’ radius surrounding. Based on research and statistics conducted, there are up to 20 towns (including Petaling Jaya) and a population of 7.7 million people living KL and 25 miles surrounding it. Based on reports, Kuala Lumpur is an aging city as birth rates have fallen in the last decade or two. This has led to a lower percentage of young people under 15, a group that has fallen from 33% in 1980 to under 27% in 2000. The working age group between 15 and 59 has increased from 63% in 1980 to 67% in 2000 as more people move to the city for opportunities. By 2020, Kuala Lumpur is projected to have a population of 2.2 million. As we are a start-up company we haven’t expanded our market further. We are open to expansion ideas which will increase our market cap and revenue



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