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Motorola Executive Summary

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Motorola is a global leader in wireless, broadband, and automotive communications technologies.

Motorola was originally founded as the Gavin Manufacturing Corporation in 1928. Its first product was a battery eliminator. Its products have grown and changed over the years to include phone, wireless handsets and much more .

Motorola has been the leading provider of two-way radio services to public safety, government, and utility enterprises for years. They also offer broadband services. Their broadband technology includes entertainment, communications, and information systems for the home and for the office. It also allows network operators and retailers to deliver products and services that connect customers to what they want. Motorola products also include telematics that enable automated roadside assistance and navigation.

Motorola's Key Beliefs have been in existence for decades. Their vision is

Time will change. Our products will change. Our people will change. Our customers will change. What will not change is our commitment to our key beliefs.

Motorola's key beliefs or mission is:

Uncompromising integrity and constant respect for people, which means we adhere to honesty, fairness, and doing the right thing without compromising even when circumstances make it difficult. We treat everyone with dignity, as we would like to be treated ourselves. Constant respect applies to every individual we interact with around the world .Our key beliefs define who we are as individuals, and as a company to each other, our customers, our shareholders, our suppliers, our competitors, and our communities1.

An effective mission statement is very important. It should be more than a statement of specific details it should be a declaration of attitude and viewpoint. Sometimes called a creed statement, a statement of purpose, a statement philosophy, a statement of belief, a statement of business principles, or a statement of "defining our business", a mission statement reveals what an organization wants to be and whom it wants to serve . According to Strategic Management Concepts and Cases, a good mission statement allows for the generation and consideration of a range of feasible alternative objectives and strategies without unduly stifling management creativity. A mission should also be broad to reconcile differences among stakeholders. Other characteristics of an effective mission are identification of utility of the firm's product to its customers and reflection of anticipated customers. The following is an evaluation of Motorola's mission according to criterion found in Strategic Management Concepts and Cases.

Evaluation Matrix of Motorola's Mission Statement


Organization Customers Products/Services Markets Technology Concerns for Survival, Growth, Profitability

Motorola NO NO YES NO NO

Philosophy Self-Concept Concern for Public Image Concern for Employees


After an



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