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Ethical Filter

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Ethical Filter 1


Ethical Filter Worksheet

Toneka Terry

University of Phoenix

Ethical Filter 2


Personal Source

with Examples

Justify the Value's Position in the List. Include any challenges to employing these values consistently when making personal and organizational decisions.

Team Player

The experience with team player is mostly during my children's school days. When you are part of a team it is very important that you consider each memember's feelings.

For example, my daughters are a part of a competition dance team that has group performances as well individual performances. My daughter has been dancing for only five years and has not developed to the level of many of the other dancers. I noticed because of this she was not supported as well as the other dancers. I had to make her realize that she was just as important as the other members of the team.

Team player is first on my list because I feel that in order for company to succeed everyone must work together to achieve the common goal. It is important that everyone become focus and do their part to ensure that the goals and objectives are meet. It is also important that you recognize each person contribution no matter how big or small. I believe that when you are supportive of your team member you help them develop their weakness.

Reliability My experience with reliability is with my present employer. My company uses a computer to generate schedules for the week. It distributes the schedules base on the availability of each employee. When some unscheduled event occurs such as an absence, that means that, there is extra work place on other members of the team. The added pressure can makes thing very frustrating especially if this action is repeated daily. I choose reliability second because it goes hand in hand with being a team player. As part of the team you must be one that the other members can realize on. Your managers, coaches and other team member makes important decisions base on the presence of each team member. You should never want to put your team members in a position to



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