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Employer Branding of Bmw Group

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Talent Management

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Professor A. Bloch

Seyedeh Sabah Bassam

Valeriya Dyachenko

Alexander Weber

Mykyta Gryzunov

Mohammad Ali

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Due date: 05 May 2015

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Employer Branding        







Appendix 1 – A Conceptualization of the Employer Branding Process        

Appendix 2 – The Employer Branding Process        

Appendix 3 – The Components of Employer Attractiveness        

Appendix 4 – BMW Group Value-Oriented Human Resources Policy        


Employer Branding

The term Talent Management has been recently arisen due to struggles for competitive edge, war of talents,  scare human capital, limited employment opportunities, and economic downturns requiring cutting costs and increasing productivity; Additionally, HR managers are facing issues in regards to main HR activities such as recruitment, development, compensation, and retention of employees, in the ever escalating competitive labor markets (Harris & Short, 2014), thus, the necessity of implementing talent management practices for an increasing bottom line and the sustainability of businesses. Moreover, attracting and acquiring the right people (both job seekers and passive candidates), with the right mix of qualifications such as the right behavior, traits, and skills, in addition to, keeping both the current and future talents satisfied, can only be achieved through Employer Branding (EB) –that is, a cyclical and complex process[1] based on a company’s missions and values that shapes employees’ behaviors and attitudes in order to project the organizational brand identity through employees work behavior (Universum, 2014). The marketing term “branding”, used for customer awareness about the organization and its products and services, is now being practiced in talent management as EB (Yaqub & Aslam Khan, 2011). It is of critical for companies to offer a long-term package of functional, economic and psychological benefits, or more specifically, a unique competitive employer value proposition explicating why employees should choose a particular company and why is their workplace appealing and advantageous by indicating interest, social, economic, development and application values[2], besides enabling employees to comprehend and experience the desired brand image companies desire to convey by transmitting the credible branding clearly, consistently and effectively (EBT, 2010; Ambler & Barrow, 1996; Berthon et al., 2005). The benefits of successful and strong EB encompasses an attractive work environment, the creation of a fit between company’s missions and suitable talents, attraction and retention of desirable talents, higher efficiency and productivity through happy employees, decreased costs of turnover and recruitment, finally prosperity of businesses (Reihlen & Werr, 2012).  

BMW Group & Its HR Policies

Present the selected company and its HR policy 

According to MBW Group, the 8 guidelines of its value-oriented HR policy includes mutual respect, thinking beyond national and cultural boundaries, performance-based remuneration, team performance, respect for human rights, business social standard, employee benefits, and strong commitment to society (appendix ).

Employer Branding Strategies & Reasons for Its Attractiveness

3. Analyze the employer branding strategy of the selected company by providing detailed examples

4. Evaluate the attractiveness factors presented by the company

By having achieved one of the world’s top most attractive employers, BMW Group is enjoying the fruits of its recent investments into creating an overall image of a sustainable group brand by using EB (Branders, 2015). BMW’s rankings based on the employer preferences of career seeking students and professionals with business and engineering backgrounds are demonstrated in the following figure.

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Figure 1 - BMX Group's employer ranking worldwide in the Top 50 Global “Business” companies and the Top 50 Global “Engineering” companies. Source: Universum, 2015.

Additionally, BMW Group won the Randstad Award 2014 as the most attractive employer worldwide by having scored No. 1 in regards to competitive salary and employee benefits, pleasant working environment, and strong management (Randstad Sourceright, 2015).


BMW Group has created a Facebook page only dedicated to jobs and careers for students, graduates, career seekers and experienced individuals. It consistently updates its information regarding new job vacancies, and provides various video clips and information, for example, about different events and employees’ thoughts and experiences.[pic 6][pic 7]

Employer Branding Strategies’ Effectiveness in Aligning with the Consumer Brand, & Communicating BMW Culture

5. Critically assess this strategy and its effectiveness in aligning with the consumer brand, and communicating the company culture



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Appendix 1 – A Conceptualization of the Employer Branding Process

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[Source: Harris & Short, 2014]

Appendix 2  The Employer Branding Process

[pic 9]

[Source: Universum, 2014]

Appendix 3 – The Components of Employer Attractiveness

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[Source: Berthon et al., 2005]

Appendix 4 – BMW Group Value-Oriented Human Resources Policy

[pic 11]

[Source: BMW, 2015]



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