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Last update: June 10, 2016
  • Loewen Group Case Study

    Loewen Group Case Study

    Executive Summary of Case External Environment Analysis Opportunities Threat of new entrants: The barriers to entry are high due to high fixed costs, lack of history in the local community, zoning regulation, and "not-in-my-back-yard" protests. Power of suppliers: Funeral consolidators such as Loewen group can put a great deal of pressure on suppliers to reduce prices. Power of buyers: The funeral home is usually the buyers first point of contact, therefore the funeral home

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    Submitted: September 4, 2010
  • Carlyle Group

    Carlyle Group

    he Carlyle Group is a Washington, D.C. based private investment firm. It is a private equity firm that employs numerous high-ranking government officials with ties to both political parties. A private equity is a form of investing in which companies such as Carlyle invest in private companies and real estate. The Group was established in 1987 pioneering investing in the defense and national security markets. It is now one of the world's largest private equity

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    Submitted: September 17, 2010
  • Active Directory User Groups Implementation

    Active Directory User Groups Implementation

    Jackie Shipley POS 427 Brian Richards, Facilitator June 13, 2005 Active Directory User Groups Implementation Synopsis of Proposal Subsequent to the Active Directory (AD) implementation discussion, this proposal addresses possible user accounts and group organizations for Riordan Manufacturing. This document discusses user and group accounts available through AD, and addresses possible implementation plans for the parent domain of These plans could also be implemented in the child domains for the four Riordan facilities, though

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    Submitted: September 29, 2010
  • Critically Discuss Conflict Resolution In Groups

    Critically Discuss Conflict Resolution In Groups

    Critically discuss conflict resolution in groups Conflict resolution has been researched, analysed and discussed for many years; however, it is only until recently that psychologists have gotten involved on a wider scale. Up until then the study of relations has more or less been the preserve of political scientists, historians and professionals such as lawyers and diplomats. Much of the social science research has therefore been based on the previous; therefore the theories developed

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    Submitted: October 4, 2010
  • Theory And Practice Of Group Counseling Book Review

    Theory And Practice Of Group Counseling Book Review

    Corey, G. (1999). Theory and practice of group counseling. (3rd ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing. This text was written for graduate or undergraduate students in any field involving human services but is especially suitable for students enrolled in any course of Theory and Practice of Group Counseling, practitioners who are involved in group work, and students who are interested in leading various types of groups. This text presents an overview of various theoretical models and

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    Submitted: October 12, 2010
  • Ability Grouping

    Ability Grouping

    Ability grouping is a widely spread practice used among many educators today. Between-class grouping is by far one of the most commonly used types of ability grouping. "The goal of this grouping is for each class to be made up of students who are homogeneous in standardized intelligence or achievement test scores" (Snowman, Biehler). In this type of grouping, the schools separate their students into different classes or courses. "Between-class ability grouping is where students

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    Submitted: October 20, 2010
  • Office Automation & Group Collaboration Software

    Office Automation & Group Collaboration Software

    Office Animation & Group Collaboration Software Office Automation & Group Collaboration Software Office Animation & Group Collaboration Software In my corporation, we use an application of instant messaging called Que. It can only be used by the employees. The advantages are that you can send someone an instant message and sometimes get an instant answer instead of sending an email or calling that person. We have counterparts in other states so it can be a

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    Submitted: October 29, 2010
  • Wallace Group Strategic Analysis

    Wallace Group Strategic Analysis

    The Wallace Group is a company that manufactures and develops technical products and systems. It has three primary operational groups consisting of electronics, plastics, and chemicals. By far the largest asset of the Group is the electronics. This asset is approximately the size of both the plastics and chemical groups of the corporation. It also contributes the most to the net income at approximately 70%. The plastics and chemical divisions were acquired for the purpose

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    Submitted: October 31, 2010
  • Group Think

    Group Think

    Group Think Question #2 This type of dysfunctional operation of an organization has many ways and opportunities for failure. The basic fundamentals of this process are the beginnings of failure as groups seek conformity and unity they sacrifice everything in order to maintain peace within the group. Many times this will take the individuals creative thoughts and ability to voice the creative edge thinking away. In many organizations this is a process that is continually

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    Submitted: November 1, 2010
  • Groups And Teams

    Groups And Teams

    The forming, storming, norming, performing model of team development was first introduced by Bruce Tuckman in 1965. He argued that these phases are all necessary and inevitable for the team growth, overcoming challenges and tackling problems, finding solutions, planning work and delivering results. Tuckman later added a fifth phase, adjourning, which is referred to by some as the mourning stage, which involves completing the task and breaking up the team. (Wikipedia, 2005) All teams, whether

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    Submitted: November 1, 2010
  • The Influence Of The Peer Group

    The Influence Of The Peer Group

    The article "The influence of the Peer Group" examines the great importance of a healthy peer group in the smooth operation of a residential facility. Many examples within the article contribute to the positive effects that peer groups have in determining the success of such a facility (these peer groups include all members within the facility). Much evidence points to the importance of peers in human development. Research shows that even in problem families

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    Submitted: November 1, 2010
  • Media Effects On Social Groups

    Media Effects On Social Groups

    Drinking in college is portrayed in the media as a social norm and heavily encouraged by advertisements such as commercials directed at students, flyers dispersed throughout campuses, and even coupons for local bars found in student newspapers. Given that alcohol consumption is known to increase throughout adolescence and climax in late adolescence or emerging adulthood, heavy episodic alcohol use among college students makes this period crucially important to the etiology of adult alcohol abuse (Shim

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    Submitted: November 2, 2010
  • Bmw Group

    Bmw Group

    SWOT Analysis: BMW Strength: * The cornerstone of the BMW Group's success is its strategic focus on developing customer-friendly innovations, coupled with an approach to innovations management that is unique within the motor industry. * In 2002, the BMW Group was the first European company to receive the Outstanding Corporate Innovator (OCI) Award in the USA. * BMW are best at the "Premium" level. They are always most successful when they offer their customers products

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    Submitted: November 4, 2010
  • Office Automation And Group Collaboration

    Office Automation And Group Collaboration

    Week 3 Individual Assignment University of Phoenix Online CIS/319 - Computers & Information Processing Office Automation and Group Collaboration In today's business world, many companies, especially larger, corporate organizations rely on various types of office automation equipment and software. As technology improves and corporations expand their offices across the country and around the world, group collaboration software soon becomes a necessity, rather than a convenience, for companies wishing to become global market leaders. The

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    Submitted: November 4, 2010
  • Syntheic Group Of Proteins

    Syntheic Group Of Proteins

    Transport in the Xylem Cohesion-Tension Theory of water movement.  Water in leaves develops large negative ΨP (tension)  This tension pulls the water up through the xylem  Cohesion is required to maintain the water column integrity  Cohesion allows the pull from the leaves to extend all the way through the xylem to the roots and ultimately to the soil.  This also depends on adhesion of water to the apoplast  The

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    Submitted: November 6, 2010
  • Communication Within Groups

    Communication Within Groups

    There are many different kinds of groups that exist between college students that deal with communication they range from sports teams to many community or social groups. The type of organizations that are mostly found in many colleges today are Greek letter organizations. In this paper I will exploring communication within the realm of sororities. First, I am going to start with the history of Sororities, then I am going to write about how important

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    Submitted: November 12, 2010
  • Critically Examine The Proposition That Small Allies Have Ð''Exploited' Large Allies In The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Comment On The Proposition That Prospective Gains For Producer Groups Prove More Important Than Assessment Of Gains To

    Critically Examine The Proposition That Small Allies Have Ð''Exploited' Large Allies In The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Comment On The Proposition That Prospective Gains For Producer Groups Prove More Important Than Assessment Of Gains To

    Critically examine the proposition that small allies have Ð''exploited' large allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Comment on the proposition that prospective gains for producer groups prove more important than assessment of gains to nation states when explaining international collaboration? The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) expanded by three new members in 1999 and thus now has nineteen members. Although most people view this to be a benefit for the future of NATO as

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    Submitted: November 14, 2010
  • Goals Group Counseling

    Goals Group Counseling

    Counseling the Dually Diagnosed Female Offender [ Counseling the Dually Diagnosed Female Offender Massachusetts Correctional Institution - Framingham (MCI-Framingham} is the Massachusetts Department of Correction's only committing institution for female offenders. It is located in Framingham, Massachusetts, a large town located midway between Worcester and Boston. The prison was once known as "Framingham State Prison". MCI Framingham is the official name, and is favored.( Beckerman, A. (2002) MCI-Framingham is a medium security correctional facility

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    Submitted: November 14, 2010
  • Personal Insight Paper-Group Dynamics

    Personal Insight Paper-Group Dynamics

    The Keirsey Temperment Sorter II results imply that I am an ESTJ (Supervisor) and the Strengths Finder Profile results suggest that my five top strengths are ideation, maximizer, input, arranger and command. In the following paragraphs I will identify what I do and how I integrate these strengths in relation to my job, which is administrative specialist for the fundraising division of a not for profit organization called Springfield ARC, better known as Sparc. I

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    Submitted: November 15, 2010
  • The Laocoon Group

    The Laocoon Group

    The Laocoon Group from page 96 in our text (Fig. 3.30). This statue depicts a scene from Virgil's Aeneid. The scene takes place shortly after attempting to warn the Trojan's not to bring the horse into the city, Laocoon goes to the altar of Poseidon with his sons to make a sacrifice when all three are attacked and killed by two sea serpents sent by the gods. This was because of the warning and it

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    Submitted: November 16, 2010
  • Racial Groups

    Racial Groups

    My belief is that racial groups differ in many different backgrounds. The Black race is motivated by there own interest and belief and most of the Black people enjoy a good challenge. I think the Black race is creative, intelligent and is motivated by external rewards, such as money, or good grades. I also think that the Black race can recognize when a problem exists and can generate a solution to problems. The Black race

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    Submitted: November 17, 2010
  • The Real Estate Investor

    The Real Estate Investor

    The Real Estate Investor. There are many ethical issues in this case. Things had not turned out the way Rabbi Horowitz had promised when he convinced Howard Katz to make the investments of the food processing plant. Katz had taken out a personal loan for $82,500 of the $132,500 he had invested. The rabbi's promises that there would be a six-month flip of the property at a 100 percent profit. The rabbi's claim that the

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    Submitted: November 18, 2010
  • Marks And Spencer Group Plc Swot Analysis

    Marks And Spencer Group Plc Swot Analysis Datamonitor USA 245 5th Avenue 4th Floor New York, NY 10016 USA t: +1 212 686 7400 f: +1 212 686 2626 e: Datamonitor Europe Charles House 108-110 Finchley Road London NW3 5JJ United Kingdom t: +44 20 76 7000 f: +44 20 76 00 e: Datamonitor Germany Kastor & Pollux Platz der Einheit 1 60327 Frankfurt Deutschland t: +49 69 94 4517 f: +49 69 94 4900 e: Datamonitor Hong

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    Submitted: November 18, 2010
  • The Wallace Group

    The Wallace Group

    Question #1 The Wallace Group Inc. has many obvious problems, but the most apparent problem is with the President, Harold Wallace. The company is no longer the same company that Mr. Wallace once ran independently where it was strictly electronics and dealt entirely with defense-related customers. Since the original electronics company, the Wallace Group has become a more diversified company which now includes a chemical and plastics company. Consequently, the company has grown beyond Harold

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    Submitted: November 20, 2010
  • Discussion Group

    Discussion Group

    ж?'еЂ'Ð'»Ò discussion board Ð*Ñ™„еÐ...ўејЏжÑ"ќйЂљпјЊеЏЇÐ'»ÒÐ*®--ж?ЇÐ'Ñ'ЂеЂ‹ groupе--Ћпјџж â„-ж"Ñ™ Samuel T. Gladding, Ð'Ñ'ЂеЂ‹ group ж?ЇÐ*"±Ðµ...©ÐµÐ‚‹Ð¶?-Ð'»ÒÐ'Ñ'ЉÐ*Ñ™„Ð'Ñ"Ñ"Ð*µ„ж?Ñ'пјЊÐ'»-еЂ'иЃљењЁÐ'Ñ'Ђиµ*Ð*Ñ™„Ð*›®Ð*Ñ™„ж?Їе®ÐŠÐ¶?Ñ'жџÑ'Ð'Ñ"›Ð¶ÐŠ‡Ðµ®Ñ™Ð*Ñ™„Ð*›Ñ'Ð'Ñ"'Ð'Ð...ÑšÐ*"Ёпј›Ð¶?'еЂ'йЂЏйЃЋ discussion board Ð*Ñ™„еÐ...ўејЏиЃљењЁÐ'Ñ'Ђиµ*пјЊÐ'Ñ"'Ð*›Ñ'иЁЋи«-ж‰Ð‚е­Ñ'Ð*Ñ--'Ð*Ñ™„Ð*џҐи­?еЏЉжЉЂе*§Ð¿Ñ˜ÐŠÐ'Ñ'¦Ð'Ñ"'Ð*›Ñ'ж"ЇжЏÒ'пјЊж‰Ð‚Ð'»ÒÐ¶?'еЂ'ж?ЇÐ'Ñ'ЂеЂ‹ groupгЂ‚ й‚ЈйÑ"јж?'еЂ'ж?ЇÐ'Ñ'ЂеЂ‹Ð'»Ð‚йÑ"јжЂ§Ð¸Ñ-ЄÐ*Ñ™„еoЏÐ*µ„е'ўпјџ Ed. E. Jacobs, Robert L. Masson, Riley L. Harvill еo‡ groupж­Ñ'йЎћж?Ñ'7 Ð*Ё®Ð¿Ñ˜ÐŠÐµ?†Ðµ?Ґж?Ї 1. Education вЂ" “provide clients with information on various topics” 2. Discussion вЂ" “the focus is usually on topics or issues rather than any member’s personal concerns” 3. Task вЂ" “a specific task is to be accomplished” 4. Growth and experiential вЂ" “members who want to

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    Submitted: November 21, 2010

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