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Brands And Intangible Assets

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Social and Environmental Responsibilities


Social and Environmental Responsibilities 社會及環境責任


Social and Environmental Responsibilities

房協以服務社群為首要任務,在推動可持續發 展房屋方面更是不遺餘力,故在規劃、設計、 興建、營運及保養轄下屋邨時,皆會綜合考慮 環境及社會因素。此外,社會投資亦是我們其 中一項營運目標。我們透過不同活動,協助房 屋業培育專才,並參與及支持慈善活動,為弱 勢社群籌款。一直以來,我們關懷長者,並透 過發展業務和房屋計劃,提升長者的生活質 素。事實上,我們亦盡量在業務範圍內為有需 要人士伸出援手。

With a primary objective to serve the community, the Housing Society is dedicated to developing sustainable housing by integrating environmental and social considerations in the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance provisions of our housing estates. Moreover, we also take social investment as part of our business objectives. Through various initiatives we provide support that generates talent for the industry. We also participate in, and support charity events that raise funds for the under-privileged. As a long-time provider of housing and care for the elderly, we continue to develop and extend activities and programmes that enhance their quality of life. In fact, when needed or wherever we can offer assistance within our jurisdiction, we are ready and willing to provide a helping hand.

The Hong Kong Housing Society Academy

Now in its forth year, the Housing Society Academy (HS Academy) continues to develop and expand its activities to nurture talents and promote greater knowledge and expertise of the housing industry and related services.


「香港房屋協會專業發展中心」專業發展中心) ( 現已踏入第四年,不斷發展及拓展培育人才的 活動,以及提高業界對房屋及相關服務的專業 知識。


Annual Report 2008

One of the key interest areas of the HS Academy is to cultivate a better understanding of housing and related services among young people. Since its inauguration in 2005, the HS Academy has established close collaboration with 18 tertiary institutions, including all the universities and extramural colleges in Hong Kong. In partnership with these institutions, a number of relevant programmes are organised, including career talks and summer internship programme. During the year, the HS Academy has strengthened its collaboration and entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Tuen Mun) to join hands in promoting professional development and academic exchanges in the field of housing.

專業發展中心其中一個重要目標是培育年輕人 認識房屋及相關的服務。自二零零五年成立以 來,專業發展中心與十八家大專院校 (包括香 港所有大學及校外進修學院) 建立了緊密聯 繫,並與這些院校合作,舉辦各項活動,如職 業講座及暑期實習計劃。年內,專業發展中心 與香港專業教育學院 (屯門分校) 簽訂合作備忘 錄, 攜 手 推 廣 房 屋 業 界 的 專 業 發 展 及 學 術 交流。 專業發展中心致力培育年輕人,每年舉辦的暑

The HS Academy is committed to nurturing young people, and its annual summer internship programme has been popular among the students of tertiary institutions. This year, the Housing Society recruited some 70 students to work in different divisions. Always looking to add depth to quality service, the HS Academy arranged a series of training activities designed to enhance the communication skills and team spirit of the interns, such as the Service Plus Course, the Interpersonal Communication Skills Workshop and an outdoor training camp. The Housing Society has also teamed up with the Office of the Director of Apprenticeship to launch the first Apprenticeship Programme for Tradesman. The three-year programme is designed for young people who wish to pursue a career in building maintenance services. The first batch of five trainees signed their contracts and officially joined the Housing Society on 1 September 2007. To ensure a good flow of talent into the housing industry and to encourage the younger generation to learn and contribute to society, the HS Academy operates a scholarship/bursary scheme. During our most recent scholarship/bursary presentation, 59 students from local tertiary educational institutions and schools of continuing education received cash awards. In a further bid to promote

期實習計劃深受大專院校學生歡迎。今年,房 協各部門共聘用了七十多名學生。專業發展中 心為實習生安排一連串專為提高溝通技巧及團 隊精神而設的訓練課程,包括「優質服務技 巧」 課程、 「專業形象」 工作坊及戶外體驗營。 此外,專業發展中心與學徒事務署合作,首次 開辦為期三年的「屋宇設備技工學徒計劃」 , 為有志加入樓宇維修行業的年輕人提供培 訓。首批共五名學員已與房協簽署合約,並於 二零零七年九月一日正式成為房協一份子。 專業發展中心亦設立獎助學金,為房屋業培育 新力軍,並鼓勵年青一代努力學習和貢獻社 會。在最近一次獎助學金頒獎典禮中,專業發 展中心向來自本地不同學術機構及持續進修學 院的五十九名學生頒發現金獎勵,並向兩位香 港大學「房屋管理學碩士兼讀課程」的優異畢 業生頒發「樂年神父獎學金」 ,以鼓勵他們持

The Housing Society Academy signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Tuen Mun) 「房協專業發展中心」與香港專業教育學院 (屯門分校) 簽訂合作備忘錄

The Housing Society Awards help nuture talents for the housing industry 「香港房屋協會獎助學金」致力培育房屋專才



Social and Environmental Responsibilities 社會及環境責任

Organising activities to promote



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