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Bmw Group

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SWOT Analysis: BMW


* The cornerstone of the BMW Group's success is its strategic focus on developing customer-friendly innovations, coupled with an approach to innovations management that is unique within the motor industry.

* In 2002, the BMW Group was the first European company to receive the Outstanding Corporate Innovator (OCI) Award in the USA.

* BMW are best at the "Premium" level. They are always most successful when they offer their customers products distinguished by:

o a substantial emotional impact

o uncompromising engineering

o innovative technology

o And the very highest quality.

* This is exactly what they are aiming for with their Premium Brands strategy: with their three BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce brands, they are the only large automobile manufacturer to operate exclusively in the premium segments of the market and we only work in areas where we are able to bring these strengths to play and be better than the competition.

* One of the most important aspects of our Premium brands strategy is the great importance of innovation and new development for our customers.

* The BMW Group follows a process of innovation management that is unique in the sector, in which all innovations are handled in an established process from the original idea to the creation of a vehicle.


* Year: 2005

Model: x3/3.0

Price Paid: $43000

o Weaknesses:

Very Poor Reliability. 3 repairs in first 4 months. Getting strange humming sound from passenger side when driving



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