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Creativity - How Do I Have an Idea

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Creativity is the sum of three necessary components: inspiration, innovation and a goal. It’s impossible to be creative without being inspired, motivated, believing on something; in the other side, there is no creativity without innovation, in a certain way creativity has a very similar meaning to innovation, how can I be creative without creating something new? I can’t just copy something and be creative, at least I have to add something new, to innovate the original, that’s creativity; and a goal is the only reason why we need to be creative. If I don’t have a goal, what is my point to be creative? What’s expected from my creativity? I have to know the goal, otherwise it’s just a lot of ideas of everything and nothing floating, the goal creates the need to be creative, creativity always urge from a need – a goal.

This is a very complex process and without almost any rules - almost, since at least we have to have the three concepts mentioned above, I truly believe that this is the only rule. Creativity is completely variable, it depends on everything, since the person that is being creative, to the exact moment, and even to the environment. In me, when I’m being creative it all starts with the goal, I need to find a way to reach that goal, I talk to myself “Ok Monica, you need to achieve this, but HOW?” and then it all depends on all that is happening at this exact time around me and inside me – How is the environment? Do I feel comfortable to be myself and expose my ideas? Am I motivated? Do I believe in this? Am I focused and inspired? Or I’m not at the perfect timing to be creative? – All this questions will define all my creative process, I know that I won’t have the same ideas in a classroom as I would have at home, for example. I don’t know if they would be better or worse, I think they would be just different, because sometimes I get inspired and my ideas flow when I’m under pressure, and other times I need to be very quiet and relaxed to start being creative. In a general way, as soon as I get the first idea, instantly I get thousands of some different, other complement ideas, and the empty space starts to gain some traces, to evolve, to get a shape, and then as at this point I’m really excited and involved in this it’s a question of time to achieve different ways to reach my goal. When I believe that my ideas fit the purpose I need to choose which of them is better, or in lots of cases (I’m not proud of that!) which one will get more acceptance. This is my block point – the others opinion, if they will think that I’m crazy for showing my real ideas, how I really am. And this is where the Creativity course is really important to me, in the two lessons that we had I experienced an opening to new ideas that let me flow and say out loud what my real ideas are, without fears of being judge. All the exercises we have been doing, always changing groups, everything so spontaneous makes impossible to me to overthink – my main problem – so, without being able to think about the consequences, about the others opinions, I can’t pretend to be someone else, I just don’t have time, and so here they are, here I am – my real ideas coming out from my real me.



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